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Chesterfield County
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Geographic Information Services
About Geographic Information Services

Geographic Information Services Team's mission is to maintain and enhance the Chesterfield County Geographic Information System (GIS) so as to provide accurate, timely, current and cost effective information to County agencies and the public and to provide accurate, up-to-date map products. The team can provide both traditional paper mapping products as well as digital data. House Numbering is a component of the team creating addresses for all new parcels and resolving addressing anomalies. House Numbering may be contacted directly at 748-1039. The team consists of a GIS Manager, a Senior GIS Analyst, two GIS Analysts, and three GIS Specialists.

Parcel Viewer Application

 Parcel Viewer 

The Parcel Viewer allows users to search for an individual parcel of land by multiple methods, return descriptive information about it, and use the More Info tab to go to the Real Estate Assessor’s website for assessment data on the parcel.

Floodplain Viewer Application

Floodplain Viewer 

The Floodplain Viewer allows users to search for an individual parcel of land by multiple methods, and determine whether or not it is in a floodplain, and, if so, allows the user to estimate the number of acres or square feet in the floodplain using the Draw tools.


*** To Solve the Recent Silverlight Plug-in Issues *** 

If you have Silverlight installed and are still having problems viewing the CitizenGIS page, the following steps can be taken to enable the Silverlight plugin within your browser:

Google Chrome 

Google has deprecated the API required for the Silverlight plug-in. As such, this application no longer works with the Chrome browser. To use this application, please use Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, or Mozilla Firefox. We apologize for any inconvenience. We are in the process of replacing this application with several more targeted applications that will provide the same functionality.

Internet Explorer 

  1. Click the gear icon. This opens the Internet Explorer Tools menu
  2. Select "Manage add-ons" from the Tools menu
  3. Click "Show" under All Add-ons. This will display both the enabled and disabled add-ons detected by Internet Explorer
  4. Click on the Silverlight add-on and click "Enable." If you do not find the Silverlight add-on listed, you may have to download it again
  5. Click "Close." The Silverlight add-on should be enabled in Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox 

  1. Click the "Tools" drop down menu and select "Add-ons." This will open the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons Manager
  2. Select the "Plug-ins" tab in the Add-ons Manager
  3. Locate the Silverlight plugin
  4. Open the drop-down menu box associated with Silverlight and select "Always activate." This will enable Silverlight in Mozilla Firefox

System Requirements  

  • CitizenGIS requires the minimum hardware configuration of: 
    • Windows OS:  Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP with Service Pack 2, an Intel Pentium III 450 MHz or faster processor (or equivalent) and 128 MB of RAM. 
    • Mac OS:  Apple Mac OS X 10.4.8 or above, Intel Core Duo 1.83 GHz or faster processor and 128 MB of RAM.
  • This application requires the Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 plug-in. The application will prompt you to install the plug-in if you do not already have it. You must have administrator rights on your PC to install. Contact your system administrator if you do not have the appropriate rights.
  • If you are using a MAC and need to install Silverlight, do not use the install link provided on the application page. Instead, please use the following link to install the proper plug-in:  
  • This application has been tested and confirmed with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The following browsers are supported: Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8, Firefox 3.6, and Safari on the MAC.
  • For best results, a high speed internet connection is suggested. Dial-up customers may experience extremely slow response times.
  • The maps display best at a screen resolution of 1280x1024.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 is suggested in order to view the documents contained with the application.

Layer Update Frequency  

  • The layers in this application are updated at various frequencies.
  • Parcels, subdivisions, streets, resource protection areas, easements, fire hydrants, and pending zoning cases are updated on a weekly basis.
  • Zoning classification is updated once or twice a month.
  • The floodplain layer, along with the FEMA grid layer, will be updated in early 2011 with the adoption of the new digital flood insurance rate maps.
  • Magisterial districts are updated only once every ten (10) years following the census.
  • Both the Land Use Plan Layer and the Thoroughfare Plan Layer were updated in 2012 as part of Moving Forward…The Comprehensive Plan for Chesterfield which was adopted by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors on October 24, 2012.
  • The enterprise zone and special assessment areas are updated on an infrequent basis as those areas are added to.
  • The topographic layers change only if new information is gathered during an aerial photography session.
  • Textual information presented as part of the Parcel Click Identification Tool, including school district names, voting precincts and polling places, is updated only when those layers’ boundaries have been modified. Magisterial District, State Senate, House of Delegates and Congressional District information is generally updated only once every ten (10) years after the census.

The county grid does not change as it is the basis for the county’s hard copy tax maps.

Enter the CitizenGIS application which provides access to the county’s geographic information system layers.

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