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About Revitalization Office
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Revitalization Office
Carl Schlaudt, AICP 


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9800 Government Center Parkway
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About Revitalization Office

Property Tax Breaks For Improving Older Buildings

Partial tax exemptions are available for improving older residential and business buildings.

What We Do

The Revitalization Office encourages and coordinates efforts to bring new life to older areas of the county.

Who We Are

The Revitalization Office is part of the Community Development Division and reports to the deputy county administrator for community development. This office works to build collaboration between the county and community partners to achieve effective revitalization.

How Revitalization Works

Revitalization is most successful when it is “place-based” and “community-based,” which means that it is centered on specific geographic areas and relies on community partnerships to achieve maximum impact. Successful revitalization is also a coordinated effort that “braids” numerous best practices, not just one. County revitalization efforts are focused on:

  • School-based revitalization: encouraging revitalization near schools being rehabilitated through bond-referendum funding. This includes infrastructure investment in things such as sidewalks and park improvements, as well as initiatives to improve property maintenance.
  • Coordination: providing a single point of contact and coordination for revitalization ideas, opportunities and resources.
  • Strengthening community-based revitalization: working in partnership with neighborhood, community, and civic organizations.

Why Is Revitalization Important?

Older communities and commercial areas face normal challenges that come with age. These areas need maintenance and reinvestment. Revitalization helps maintain the vitality and high quality of life of older areas.

The Big Picture

Revitalization is important to further the goals of the county's strategic and comprehensive plans, which help guide county growth, development and investment decisions.

Blueprint Chesterfield, the county's strategic plan, promotes an extraordinary and innovative community in which to live, learn, work and play. This plan emphasizes the importance of vital communities by promoting a collaborative approach to community revitalization that relies upon community partnerships. Revitalization is much bigger than local government. Our work supports this objective by an emphasis on community-based revitalization.

Moving Forward, the Comprehensive Plan For Chesterfield County, highlights the need for revitalization for a vibrant community. The Plan promotes high-quality public facilities in older communities, focused revitalization efforts and strategic approaches to revitalization.

The Revitalization Network

The Revitalization Office serves as a hub connecting a larger network of citizens, organizations and county staff. This network includes:

  • Citizens and Community Organizations: Individuals and community organizations interested in bringing new life to old areas of the county.
  • Revitalize Our Communities Committee: A citizen committee that promotes best practices for maintaining and improving existing communities.
  • Revitalization Committee: A county staff committee that promotes communication, coordination and cooperation between county departments working on revitalization initiatives.
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