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Foster Care
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Director of Social Services
Kiva Rogers

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Phone Numbers
Switchboard - (804) 748-1100
Fax -(804) 748-1824

8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Street Address
Department of Social Services

Smith Wagner Building
9501 Lucy Corr Circle
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Annex Building - (Court Square Complex)
9854 Lori Road, Suite 100
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Social Services
Foster Care

The Foster Care Program provides for the temporary placement and supervision of a child/children placed in the custody of this agency by the court. While in foster care, a social worker will work together with the child/children’s family to address the family’s needs that brought the child/children into foster care.

It is the goal of the Foster Care Program to provide permanency to children by

  • returning the child/children to the parent or prior custodian
  • placement with an appropriate relative
  • adoption or independent living, for older youth.

For additional information, please contact the program supervisors at 804-768-7299.

Foster/ Resource Parent Program

Our Foster Care Permanency Team provides safe, alternate family care to children temporarily placed outside their home as a result

  • abuse
  • neglect
  • serious family problems

For additional information contact the Family Development Specialist at 804-717-6391.

Family Services Specialists

Recruits, trains, and approves resource foster homes for temporary placement of children placed in the custody of Social Services.

Foster Parent Recruitment

Believing in the power of family and community…
Become a Resource Foster Parent…

Our need for Resource Homes is ongoing, especially needed are foster resource parents for

  • teens and older children
  • siblings – pairs and groups
  • stay at home parents are also very beneficial

Resource parents

Provide a safe, alternate family care to children temporarily placed outside their home as a result of abuse, neglect or serious family problems.

  • must be at least 21
  • must be able to provide a safe, secure, structured, happy home
  • have sufficient income to meet their own needs
  • commit to meeting the individual needs of children
  • be willing to work in partnership with children, birth parents, and our agency to provide permanency to children
  • complete PRIDE training
  • complete a Mutual Family Assessment (home study process which provides an opportunity for the worker and family to decide if becoming a foster, adoptive, or resource provider is a viable option for the family)

Supports to Resource Parent

To help support resource parents caring for a child in foster care, our resource parents receive:

  • a stipend for room, board, clothing and related expenses
  • ongoing training and support including workshops, social events and a foster parent support group
  • occasional respite services for the foster child
  • day care services for working resource parents
  • State Medicaid for medical expenses for all foster children
  • WIC for infants and toddlers
  • Support and contact from the Family Development Specialist

You can also contact the Family Development Specialist at (804) 717-6391 or call 748-1100 and ask to speak to the permanency worker on coverage to get more information on fostering and upcoming trainings.



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