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Sheriff - Court Services and JVDR Court Services
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Karl S. Leonard

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Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 7
Chesterfield, VA 23832-0040

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9500 Courthouse Road
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8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Sheriffs Office
Sheriff - Court Services and JVDR Court Services

Civil Process
This section is charged with serving all civil process and criminal warrants directed to them by the court system. View Chesterfield's Most Wanted .These papers include, but are not limited to, subpoenas, notices, orders, complaints and summonses for both civil and criminal cases. This section is also responsible for supervising evictions, levies, seizures and public auctions. Due to the nature of the job, these deputies find themselves, from time to time, committed to roles usually preformed by police patrols, such as working traffic accidents and making traffic stops. This section is also involved in the Sheriff's Seniors-In-Touch program where they make regular contact with assigned senior citizens throughout the county. They check on their well-being and provide a friendly face for those who may not otherwise see one.

Court Security
804-751-4714 (Main Courthouse)
804-706-2515 (Juvenile & Domestic Relations)
Court Security is one of the responsibilities of Court Services. Deputies actively patrol the grounds and interior of both courthouses as well as screen individuals entering for weapons and other prohibited items. Deputies are on hand for all court proceedings constantly watching for potential problems. Escorts on the courthouse grounds are provided upon request and initiated by deputies when deemed necessary for security reasons. These deputies are very knowledgeable about the functions of the various agencies within the courthouses and how they interact. These deputies are available to assist citizens during their visit to the courthouse.

804-751-4721 (Main Courthouse)
804-751-4124 (Juvenile & Domestic Relations)
The transportation section is responsible for the transport of detainees from all parts of the Commonwealth to the required court in Chesterfield County. They also provide detainee transports to and from hospitals, doctor appointments, mental institutions and the Virginia Department of Corrections. In addition, this section provides for the safe detention of those inmates within the courthouse awaiting trial. 

Jury Services
804-751-4411 (Jury Coordinator)
804-796-7116 (Petit Jury Information Line)
804-768-7336 (Jury Questionnaire Information)
804-748-5808 (Fax)
The Jury Coordinator works with the Chesterfield County Circuit Court Clerk's office and the Circuit Court judges, acting as a liaison between these offices and the potential petit (trial) jurors. This individual coordinates the juror questionnaire process which includes the mailing of approximately 18,000 juror questionnaires to randomly selected Chesterfield County residents. See Questions and Answers Regarding a Juror Questionnaire.

The Jury Coordinator is usually the first person petit jurors come in contact with after they have been summoned by the Clerk of the Circuit Court to serve petit jury duty. The Jury Coordinator is responsible for disseminating information about jury duty to summoned jurors and organizing and providing orientation to jury pools on the day of trial.

For general information regarding serving jury duty in Virginia, see the Answer Book for Jury Service provided by the Virginia Supreme Court.

For commonly asked questions about the summons for petit jury duty in Chesterfield Circuit Court, see Questions and Answers Regarding a Summons for Petit Jury Service.

The Jury Coordinator also prepares the summons letters for Grand Jurors which are issued by the Sheriff and coordinates the service of the summons letters and tracking of responses from grand jurors. For general information regarding serving as a grand juror in Virginia, see the Handbook for Virginia Grand Jurors provided by the Virginia Supreme Court.

Video Pre-trial
After a person is arrested, the law requires that they be taken before a judge to obtain information concerning their intent to have legal counsel and to have a bond amount established. This process is referred to as "pre-trial". Video pre-trial is an electronic means of conducting pre-trials of those persons in custody. Inmates are not physically transported to the courtrooms, but instead, live video images of them are transmitted to the courtroom and the courtroom proceedings are transmitted live to the detainee. The public is allowed into the courtroom for these proceedings. Video monitors in the courtrooms allow the public to be party to the entire proceeding. This video equipment is not limited to use for inmates of the Chesterfield County Jail, but for an ever-growing number of jurisdictions within the Commonwealth. This will help eliminate the cost of excessive and lengthy transports to and from other correctional facilities as well as enhance public safety by not removing the inmate of the secure jail facility.

Records Management
The Records Management section is responsible for the physical custody and management of court issued arrest warrants (capias) and protective orders for all Chesterfield County courts. These warrants are entered into and withdrawn from computer systems, making the information available to law enforcement agencies throughout the Commonwealth. They also distribute the warrants for service and are able to run warrant checks, DMV checks and record checks for authorized law enforcement agencies.

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