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Jail Security Division
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Karl S. Leonard

Main Jail Phone Number

In the event of an emergency, please call 911. 

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Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 940
Chesterfield, VA 23832-0001

Street Address
6900 Mimms Drive
Chesterfield, VA 23832
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Sheriffs Office
Jail Security Division

(804) 717-6702

This area is responsible for designating and maintaining appropriate housing for each inmate committed to the jail. In addition, Classification and Records is responsible for maintaining all incarceration records on every person committed to the jail. This section identifies and selects inmates who are eligible for work details within the facility and this section also manages the inmate complaint/grievance process. This is also where inmates make applications for alternative sentencing programs offered by the Sheriff's Office, as well as where these programs are coordinated and supervised. In March of 2003, the Objective Jail Classification system was implemented to provide a more balanced approach to how inmates are classified and housed

(804) 748-1456

This unit is responsible for the physical custody and management of court issued arrest warrants (capias) and protective orders for all Chesterfield County courts. These warrants are entered into and withdrawn from computer systems, making the information available to law enforcement agencies throughout the Commonwealth. They also distribute the warrants for service and are able to run warrant checks, DMV checks and record checks for authorized law enforcement agencies.


This unit ensures that information transmitted to the Compensation Board for reimbursement is accurate and formatted in the method required by the State.  This unit also verifies that inmate records contain the supporting documentation needed to confirm/justify a data record and interacts with the Compensation Board staff on a continued basis. 


All detainees of the Chesterfield County Jail are provided with three meals daily in compliance with the standards set by the Virginia Department of Corrections and the Virginia Department of Health. Meals for inmates with special medical needs are provided upon approval from the medical staff. Inmates may request meals based on religious preferences through the jail chaplain's office. Food items may not be brought in from the public.

(804) 748-1488

Canteen is a privilege which allows detainees to purchase snacks, hygiene items, clothing, shoes and writing materials during their term of incarceration. The profits from these sales are used for purchasing goods and services to benefit the detainees. Canteen is filled once a week. All monies to be used for canteen must be credited to the account at least one day prior to the assigned canteen day.


The transportation unit is responsible for the transport of detainees from all parts of the Commonwealth to the required court in Chesterfield County. They also provide detainee transports to and from hospitals, doctor appointments, mental institutions and the Virginia Department of Corrections.

Work Force
(804) 717-6700

Sheriff’s Office Work Force is a program that allows sentenced inmates to shorten the amount of time they spend in the jail by working on county or state property. Participants must be physically able to perform manual labor as duties may include landscaping, snow removal, trash pickup or other maintenance duties. Prospective participants will be subject to a background check and medical examination. Persons with a prior history of escape, sex crimes, drug distribution or other violent crimes may not participate in this program.

(804) 717-6700 

This unit is responsible for the inventory and custody of personal property upon an inmate's committal. They also oversee the acceptance of incoming inmate packages. This unit issues jail clothing, linen, hygiene items and cleaning supplies for the overall sanitation of the entire jail facility. When clothing or property is brought for inmates, the Quartermaster decides which items are approved and oversees property acceptance.

Facility Maintenance
(804) 318-8020

This unit is responsible for performing a variety of routine and complex maintenance, service and repair duties to assist in the upkeep of assigned County Jail Facility equipment and property.

Chaplain Services
(804) 751-4136

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