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Chesterfield.gov Known Issues
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Chesterfield.gov Known Issues

Known Technical Issues with the Chesterfield.gov Web Site.

 Description Browser Status/Resolution
We have been advised by our vendor of the Prospective Juror registration application that this product does not work as expected on a MAC using the Safari browser. MAC Safari The Jury Plus application vendor is recommending that prospective jurors install IE or Firefox on their computers before attempting to complete the registration process online.
It has been reported that the Real Estate Data application may exhibit unusual or inconsistent behavior when viewing the application with Internet Explorer Version 8.0. Buttons do not navigate to their intended target, etc. IE8 Please consider turning the compatibility mode on within IE8 before using the Real Estate Data application. This seems to resolve 99% of the known issues.
Some Gateway Chesterfield members claim they cannot reset their account password. ALL Please contact the Chesterfield.gov site management team for assistance using this form.