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Internet Explorer Browser recommendations & tips
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Internet Explorer Browser recommendations & tips
IE Icon If you are having a problem using Chesterfield.gov, you may need to change one or more of your browser settings.

• Note that your IT department might automatically reset your browser settings back to a certain standard.

• Changing your browser settings may make your computer behave differently on other websites.

• For example, Clearing Saved Passwords or removing AutoComplete means the system will no longer fill in your user name and password for you.
IE Icon AutoComplete and Saved Passwords
If you are using this feature, you may encounter problems when changing or requesting a password reset in Chesterfield.gov. Since this feature is storing and remembering your password you will need to clear the old stored password.
It is okay to use AOL to connect to the Internet, but the AOL browser will not work with Chesterfield.gov. The AOL browser looks like Internet Explorer. The solution is to stay connected through AOL, but to close the AOL browser and go to the Start button and Launch Internet Explorer.
IE Icon

If you are using any add-ons like the Google toolbar, be sure that it is not blocking pop-ups

To disable the Google Pop-up blocker

If your Toolbar has a wrench icon, follow these steps:
Click the wrench icon on your Google Toolbar.

1.    Click the Tools tab in the 'Toolbar Options' window.

2.    Deselect the 'Pop-up blocker' checkbox.

3.    Click the Save button.

Also, Google Pop-ups must be allowed each time you launch your browser while using Chesterfield.gov.