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Internal Audit
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Chesterfield County Public Schools
Internal Audit
Audit Reports

Reporting Process

Completed reports are issued to the County Administrator, School Superintendent and the Audit and Finance Committee (AFC). The Auditor also provides periodic internal audit reports and updates to the Board of Supervisors and School Board through AFC.

Audit Reports

Audit reports issued from April 1, 2016 are available below (reports placed on website after periodic updates to the Audit and Finance Committee). Reports issued before April 1, 2016 are available upon request.

Certain audits are not available due to content exempt from public disclosure under Virginia’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for:

  • § 2.2-3705.1 (1) Personnel records, concerning identifiable individuals,
  • § 2.2-3705.2 (3) Security systems, controlling access to information and communication systems, and/or
  • § 2.2-3705.2 (6) Security of facilities, information jeopardizing security of any governmental facility, building, or structure or the safety of persons using such.

Virginia’s Auditor of Public Accounts (APA) performs audits of Chesterfield County’s Constitutional Officers and courts handling State funds. The APA’s audit reports are available, and searchable by locality.

Title Date
School Business and Finance Expenditures   9/19/17
School Activity Funds FY17  9/13/17
School Instruction Administrative Support  9/1/17
School Central Office Administrative Support  9/1/17
 FY17 Fraud, Waste and Abuse Report  8/4/2017
Fire Resource Management Vendor Special Project  6/26/2017
Utilities Right of Way  6/15/2017
2017 Audit Follow-up  6/7/2017
Environmental Engineering Water Quality  6/5/2017
Manchester High School Student Activity fund Special Project  4/3/2017
Vehicle Utilization  1/24/2017
School Lifelong Learning Institute Special Project  1/19/2017
Juvenile Detention Home Special Project  1/19/2017
Jail Canteen and Inmate Trust Fund  1/12/2017
School Payroll Compensation & Benefits  12/22/2016
Social Services Special Welfare Fund  12/16/2016
Sheriff Riverside Regional Jail Authority Billings  10/31/2016
School Administrative Services Expenditures  10/20/2016
School Activity Funds  9/28/2016
Unannounced Petty Cash, Change, and Consumer Spending Funds  7/29/2016
Fraud, Waste, and Abuse HOTLINE Program FY16 Annual Report  7/29/2016
School Construction Management  6/30/2016
Audit Follow-up  6/28/2016
School Observations FY15  6/24/2016
School Observations FY16  6/24/2016
Travel-County Administrator Direct Reports  6/22/2016
Travel-County Administrator  6/22/2016
Human Services DCA Expenditures  6/15/2016
School Facilities Special Project (FOIA exempt, Personnel)  6/15/2016
Management Services DCA Expenditures  6/14/2016
School Online Special Project (FOIA exempt, Personnel)  6/13/2016
Community Development DCA Expenditures  5/20/2016
County Administrator's Expenditures  4/27/2016
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