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Legislative Program 2012
Intergovernmental Relations
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Intergovernmental Relations
Legislative Program 2012


The 2012 Legislative Program was approved by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors November 30, 2011.

2012 Legislative Initiatives 

Guiding Principles 

  • Continually Strengthen AAA bond rating, financial independence and fiscal integrity of Chesterfield County.
  • Continually strengthen local authority over land use decisions.
  • Continually strengthen local economic development competitiveness.

Legislative Requests 

  • Amend the Code of Virginia to allow localities that contract with VDOT to implement revenue sharing projects to receive the funds as a grant without VDOT oversight. Upon completion of the project, the locality will certify compliance with all pertinent requirements and regulations HB155.
  • Amend the Code of Virginia to equalize the composition of the Board of Directors of the Richmond Metropolitan Authority among the member localities HB107.
  • Request a budget amendment of $400,000 to fund the GRTC commuter route number 82.

Legislative Positions 

  • Support for full funding of state's obligations for K-12 education.
  • Support efforts to increase the number of available intellectual disabilities waivers.
  • Support the legislative agendas of the Richmond Regional and Crater Planning District Commissions.
  • Oppose the devolution of responsibility for secondary roads from VDOT to counties.
  • Oppose legislation eliminating or reducing the local Machinery and Tools tax or the Business,
  • Professional, Occupational License (BPOL) Tax.
  • Oppose any limitations/caps on existing cash proffer, land use and zoning authorities. Oppose additional cost shifting from the state to local governments.

Ongoing Issues of Concern 

  • State funding for education.
  • Additional state budget reductions.
  • Transportation funding.
  • Maintaining local authority/decision-making over local revenues.
  • Chesapeake Bay and storm-water requirements.

Any questions about this program should be referred to Mary Ann Curtin Director, Intergovernmental Relations at 804-748-1486