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Mental Health Support Services
Adult Substance Abuse Services

What is Adult Substance Abuse Services?
Adult Substance Abuse Services offers support to individuals and families experiencing alcohol and other drug-related problems. The program’s staff are specialists trained to evaluate and help individuals and families experiencing alcohol and drug related problems.  A variety of services based on personal situation and motivation are provided.

The Program fully partners with the Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance or SAARA Center for Recovery, to ensure peer-to-peer supports are available and provided to residents that may benefit from them.

What services are provided by Adult Substance Abuse Services? 

Outpatient Services offers assistance to those 18 or older who are seeking help for a substance abuse problem. An Orientation to Services Group is held five times a week.  Typically individual assessments and treatment planning immediately follow the Orientation Group to determine whether individual, family, or group counseling would be the best treatment approach for the person. If so, services are usually scheduled to begin within one week after the assessment.

Men’s and Women's Specific Services offers an array of services to men and women, including women who are pregnant or have children, who have an alcohol or other drug related problem. Experienced male and female staff evaluate and provide treatment to address identified needs, including substance-use and mental-health issues.  Women are specifically served by women staff.

Detoxification, residential treatment, opioid replacement services and housing assistance, transportation and childcare services, may be available, as resources allow.

Who can use Adult Substance Abuse Services?
Chesterfield County residents 18 years or older, who are seeking help for a substance abuse problem, may use these services, including those with substance use disorder or co-occurring mental health disorders or a family member with the intellectual capacity to participate in the intervention. 

*If you have concerns about a child with a substance abuse problem, please refer to the CAST program.

How do I access services?
Individuals can access these services by calling 804-768-7318. A brief telephone interview will be conducted at that time and an appointment scheduled for the next available Orientation to Services Group.

 Are you pregnant?  

The policy of Chesterfield Adult Substance Abuse Services is to offer admission to pregnant women seeking substance abuse treatment services within 48 hours of their request for service. If you are a pregnant woman seeking services for substance use, please call our intake line at 804-768-7318. Getting Help is Easy.

Pregnancy Services Poster 

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Hours of operation 

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.

Additional Resources 

Janet Loving, Adult Substance Abuse Services manager

Alcoholics Anonymous Richmond Area 804-355-1212

Narcotics Anonymous Richmond Area 804-965-1871

The SAARA Center for Recovery 804-762-4445

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

National Institute on Drug Abuse