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About Comprehensive Services
Comprehensive Services
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CSA Coordinator/Administrator
Karen M. Reilly-Jones

FAPT Manager
Jackie Cowan

School Services Manager
Nick Bonaccorsy

Sr. Administrative Analyst
Malinda H. Bowers, MPA

Administrative Assistant
Lynne Sims

Fax Number

Mailing Address
P. O. Box 40
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Street Address
9854 Lori Road, Suite 200
Court Square
Chesterfield, VA 23832Map this 


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Chesterfield County Public Schools
Comprehensive Services
About Comprehensive Services

Who we are

The Comprehensive Services Act (CSA) is a state mandated interagency program that

  • provides needed services to children and families in the community.
  • comprises the Family Assessment Planning Teams (FAPT) to authorize an array of services to children and families in the community.

What we do

  • Administer the CSA process for both Chesterfield and Colonial Heights.
  • Keep children within or return them to the community and families, with services that are child centered, family focused and locally based.
  • Formulate treatment plans collaboratively, including the child, family, and personnel from referring agencies and the Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPT).
  • Contract with local providers in the community to deliver services to children and families.
  • Review services and treatment plans regularly through FAPT meetings to establish the continued need of the services being provided.

Who we assist

Youth (ages 0-18) from diverse backgrounds that are 

  • Served by multiple agencies in the community
  • In foster care
  • At-risk for out of home placement
  • Unable to deal effectively in a public-school setting
  • Dealing with a variety of other problematic behaviors and conditions

How are services rendered through the FAPT process?

Referrals for services come from:

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