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Access Chesterfield Chesterfield County Coordinated Transportation Program 


7321 Whitepine Road
Richmond , Va. 23237

(804) 279-8489


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About Access Chesterfield Transportation Service

New Access Chesterfield Service Provider
Starting December 1, 2014

Access Chesterfield has contracted with a new service provider: Owl, Inc., which is a county business with more than 35 years of experience in providing transportation services. For More information. 

accessChesterfieldAccess Chesterfield, Chesterfield County's Coordinated Transportation Program, provides transportation services for any Chesterfield County resident who is disabled, aged 60 or older, or who meets federal income guidelines. Please read below for the following information: 

GRTC Greater Richmond Transit System 

Access Chesterfield Passenger Guide (Spanish Version)

Eligibility and registration requirements  

Access Chesterfield customers must be Chesterfield County residents, meet eligibility requirements and be registered in order to receive transportation services.

Number of people
in household 

Maximum Income
to qualify

















Each additional person add $8,120


How it works 

Any Chesterfield County resident who is disabled, aged 60 or older, or households living at 200 percent of federal poverty level-Effective February 10, 2014

  • A book of five vouchers $30
  • Each one-way trip, regardless of length, requires one voucher.
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To register, print and complete the registration form or call the Coordinated Transportation Program office at 804-279-8489 or email your request to Access@Chesterfield.gov to request that one be mailed to you. Once a customer is registered and approved, he or she will receive an Access Chesterfield identification card, which must be presented when purchasing, vouchers or boarding the van.

Services provided 

Beginning June 1, 2014, Access Chesterfield will provide curb-to-curb service.
This means that if you live in a subdivision, the driver will drive up to the end of your driveway. In cases where it might not be safe to stop at the end of your driveway, the driver will pull into the end of your driveway far enough to get off of the heavily-traveled roadway. For passengers using a wheelchair or walker, the van will pull into the driveway as close to the door of the house as possible.
You are always responsible for being ready to board when the vehicle arrives within the pickup window.

The driver will wait only five minutes for you to arrive at the vehicle. 

If the driver is early, the five-minute wait begins at the beginning of your pickup window.
Drivers will provide assistance while you are boarding or exiting the vehicle, but are not allowed to leave the van unattended. If you need help getting to the vehicle, please be prepared to rely on your personal-care assistant, friend or relative.

Transportation services are available to county residents through advance reservations only:
Monday-Friday, 5:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m.
Saturday, 5:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Transportation outside of Chesterfield County is available for work and medical visits only. Beginning July 1, 2014, trips outside the Chesterfield County will be available for medical trips only, with one exception. For passengers living in Southeastern Chesterfield County, limited transportation is available along a designated route in Colonial Heights.

Map of designated route 

Access Chesterfield is happy to provide service to the GRTC bus line for those who want to travel outside the county for reasons other than work or medical.

Plan ahead. Same-day service is not available. Reservations may be made with at least one day's notice and up to four days before the trip date. For groups of more than 15 people, please call at least four days in advance.
Cancellation requests are accepted daily. See Canceling a scheduled trip and changing a scheduled ride time for details.
Please call Virginia Rides at 804-955-4172 before2 p.m. to make a reservation or place a cancellation.

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Designated Pickup and Drop-off Locations 

In order to expedite more efficient services as well as minimize the delays driving in and around large campuses, beginning June 1st the following locations will be designated pickup and drop-off locations:

  • Defense General Supply Richmond - Visitor's Center
  • St. Francis Medical Center
    • Employee - Front of Building
    • Patients - Valet Parking
  • John Tyler Community College
    • Chester Campus -Moyar Hall
    • Charter Colony - Administration Building
  • VCU Medical Center - Tunnel
  • Massey Cancer Center - Front of Building
  • VCU Children's Pavilion - Front of Building

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Voucher distribution 

Vouchers cost $30 for a book of 5 vouchers. They are sold at Chesterfield County libraries or by mail, and are nonrefundable. Fares are quoted for one-way trips. If a return trip is needed, then the amount is doubled.

For detailed information, such as current pricing and policies on voucher use, call 804-279-8489.

Voucher Order Form 

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Making a reservation 

  1. Call Virginia Rides at 804-955-4172 to make a reservation.
  2. Reservations will be accepted Monday-Friday, 5:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Note: the time change starts June 1, 2014)  
  3. The passenger must be identified as an Access Chesterfield customer when the reservation is made.
  4. Tell the reservation agent the appointment time, pickup address, as well as the destination location and address. If a return trip is needed, please notify the agent and give the pickup time.
  5. If the customer will be accompanied by an aide, please notify the reservation agent. Eligible passengers may travel with one aide free of charge. An aide must be aged 18 or older.
  6. If wheelchair accessibility is required, please notify the reservation agent.
  7. The reservation agent will provide a pickup window time.
  8. Fill in the top portion of the voucher when you make your reservation. The driver will fill in the remaining information when the passenger boards.

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When the van arrives 

Remember to fill in the top portion of the voucher before the van arrives. Give the voucher to the driver at the beginning of the trip. The driver will fill in any remaining information and ask for the passenger’s signature at the end of the trip.
Drivers will assist passengers into and out of the van. They do not expect tips.
If the vouchers are not presented for payment at the time of the driver’s arrival, then passengers will be charged with a no-show. (See “Terms you need to know”)

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Changing a scheduled ride time 

Reservation changes should be made at least two hours before the scheduled time or as soon as changes are known.
If changes are not made until the day that the ride is scheduled, please be aware that the provider may not be able to accommodate this request, due to space availability.

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Canceling a scheduled trip 

Virginia Rides accepts cancellation calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
For a pickup time before 7 a.m., the cancellation must be received before 9 p.m. on the previous day.
For a pickup time after 7 a.m., cancellations must be received no later than two hours before the scheduled pickup time.
Beginning June 1, 2014 Five (5) same-day cancellations within a three-month period will result in a 30-day suspension of riding privileges.

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Procedures and rules of conduct  

For information on emergency procedures, rules of conduct, and causes for suspension or removal from the program,see "Rider Rules of Conduct"or call 804-279-8489.

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Suggestions or comments 

For more information or to make suggestions or comments about the Access Chesterfield program, please call 804-279-8489 or email your comments to Access@Chesterfield.gov.
For information, or to comment about a specific trip, please call the transportation provider at 804-955-4172.

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Terms you need to know 

  • Pickup Window – The time frame when the driver should arrive.
  • No-show – If the rider fails to take a scheduled ride when the vehicle arrives within the pickup window, or if the rider does not have vouchers available. Three no-shows within 30 days will result in suspension of service.
  • Late trips – If the driver fails to pick up a rider within the pickup window, call 804-955-4172 to make the reservation agent aware that the rider has not been picked up.
  • Onboard travel time – Under normal operating conditions, riders should not be subject to trips longer than 90 minutes.

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“Access Chesterfield is committed to ensuring that no person is excluded from participation in, or denied the benefits of its transit services on the basis of race, color or national origin, as protected by Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

For additional information on Access Chesterfield’s nondiscrimination policies and procedures, please contact Frank Vance, Transportation Program Coordinator at 279-8489.” 


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