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Juvenile Detention Home - Information for Parents
Juvenile Detention Home
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Marilyn G. Brown

Assistant Director
Willie A. May
(804) 706-2753

Principal of the Detention Home School
Anthony McLaurin
(804) 706-2160

Phone Numbers
(804) 748-1460
(804) 768-7735 Fax

Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Juvenile Detention Home
9600 Krause Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832Map this 


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Chesterfield County Public Schools
Juvenile Detention Home
Juvenile Detention Home - Information for Parents

What is Detention?

Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home (CJDH) is a secure facility for holding juveniles until their next court hearing, until they have received the judge’s final ruling or as the judge’s final sentence. 


  • Residents will always be treated fairly and with respect.  
  • Residents will be held accountable for their behavior, both positive and negative.
    • Positive behavior (i.e. following the rules and participating in the program) will result in residents earning extra privileges and freedoms.
    • Negative behavior (i.e. not following the rules or failure to participate) will result in a loss of privileges.
  • Negative behaviors, to include damage to or destruction of detention home property or assault on staff or other residents, may result in additional charges.


  • A juvenile will be searched, instructed to shower, issued detention home clothing, personal hygiene items and assigned to a housing unit and room.
  • All personal items, including clothing, will be inventoried and safely stored.
  • A staff member will interview the resident to obtain important information and call the parents/legal guardian to advise them of the resident’s placement in detention and address any questions.
  • Parents/legal guardians will have a brief opportunity to speak with their child.

Sleeping Rooms and Living Area

  • Housing units consist of 10 individual sleeping rooms, 2 individual showers, and a common area for meals and activities.

Mental Health Services

  • Mental health/counseling services are available for residents while detained at CJDH.
  • Please see Mental Health for more information.

Medical Services

  • Residents will receive medical services while detained at CJDH.
  • Please see Medical for more information.


  • State law requires residents to attend school while in detention regardless of whether they have graduated or received their GED.
  • Please see Education for more information.

Religious Services

  • Religious activities are offered regularly and participation is strictly voluntary.
  • Parents or an assigned probation officer may make special arrangements for individual, religious counseling.
  • Please see Visitation for more information.


  • Residents are provided breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, dinner, and evening snack each day.
  • Residents may have money to purchase special snacks on weekends as a privilege for positive behavior.
  • Money can be brought to the detention home at anytime.

Hygiene and Clothing

  • Residents are expected to practice good hygiene while detained at CJDH.
  • Residents are required to shower daily and are given clean socks, t-shirt, and underwear at the time of their shower.
  • Jumpsuits will be washed twice a week.
  • Sweatshirts are issued for colder temperatures and outdoor recreational use.
  • Residents may wear personal athletic shoes with non-marring soles or detention home shoes.



  • Residents are provided scheduled opportunities for writing letters to anyone except a resident of another juvenile detention or correctional facility. 
  • The Detention Home will provide pencils, paper, envelopes, and postage. 
  • Staff will collect the sealed envelopes and mail them. 
  • Staff are not permitted to read mail.
  • It is important that residents address outgoing mail properly and clearly.


  • Will be distributed daily. 
  • Staff members will not read incoming mail, but will be opened and inspected for contraband.
  • Legal mail will be opened in the presence of the resident



  • Residents receive scheduled indoor/outdoor recreation daily.


  • Residents may only be released from CJDH with a court order.
  • At the time of release, please bring proper identification and be prepared to sign paperwork.