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About Juvenile Detention Home
Juvenile Detention Home
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Director of the Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home
Marilyn G. Brown
(804) 768-7873

Assistant Director of Secure Detention
Willie A. May
(804) 706-2753

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Phone Numbers
(804) 748-1460
(804) 768-7735 Fax

Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Juvenile Detention Home
9600 Krause Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832Map this 


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Chesterfield County Public Schools
Juvenile Detention Home
About Juvenile Detention Home



The Murphey Building



The purpose of the Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home is to provide safe, secure custody for juveniles charged with/or who have been found guilty of criminal offenses and are awaiting further court action. Some juveniles are held while awaiting transportation to the State Department of Juvenile Justice or other placements. The Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home endeavors to operate a comprehensive program of detention services for the courts of Chesterfield County to help ensure the public safety of our citizens.


To provide our customers with a responsive continuum of quality detention services.


Our vision is that all juveniles can achieve success after making changes in their lives. This vision is guided by the fact that our actions affecting youths today will determine the quality of our lives tomorrow.

Juvenile-Justice Links  

DJJ Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice
NJDA National Juvenile Detention Association
OJJDP Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention
Virginia Judicial System 

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