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About Juvenile Detention Home
Juvenile Detention Home
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Marilyn G. Brown

Assistant Director
Willie A. May
(804) 706-2753

Principal of the Detention Home School
Anthony McLaurin
(804) 706-2160

Phone Numbers
(804) 748-1460
(804) 768-7735 Fax

Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Juvenile Detention Home
9600 Krause Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832Map this 


Ready Virginia
Chesterfield County Public Schools
Juvenile Detention Home
About Juvenile Detention Home

Our vision is that all juveniles can achieve success after making changes in their lives. This vision is guided by the fact that our actions affecting youths today will determine the quality of our lives tomorrow. 

For more information visit Address and Phone Numbers for the correct contact. 

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