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Resident Services
Juvenile Detention Home
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Detention Home School

Principal of Detention Home School
Anthony McLaurin

Judy Bedard
(804) 706-2160

 Medical Services  

Main Clinic
(804) 706-2153

Mental Health Services    

Senior Mental Health Clinician (Pre-D)
Shenika Whitaker-Carlos
(804) 706-2940

Senior Mental Health Clinician (CPP/Post-D)
Amy Carroll
(804) 706-7612

Mental Health Case Manager
Lisa Duffy
(804) 751-2220

 Mailing Address 

Chesterfield County Juvenile Detention Home
9600 Krause Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832


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Chesterfield County Public Schools
Juvenile Detention Home
Resident Services

Education Services

Chesterfield Detention Home School

  • Housed within the secure confines of the detention home.
  • Funded by the Virginia Department of Education, State Operated Programs.
  • All faculty and staff are Chesterfield County Public School employees.
  • Instruction is guided by the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) and follows Chesterfield County Public Schools curriculum and pacing guides.
  • Students are enrolled in the Detention education program on their first day of attendance; home schools are advised to withdraw students from home school.
  • Upon release, educational transfer summaries are sent to home school.
  • Strong reading program with extensive library.
  • Field-trip-in-reverse program brings in various speakers and programs to enrich the cultural perspectives of students.
  • Services are provided for students with special education needs, English language learners, gifted/honors programs, general education diplomas (GED).
  • Workforce certifications are available to complete.

Letter from the Detention Home School Principal 

Frequently Asked Questions for School Personnel 

For more information, please contact Education.

Medical Services

All residents are explained medical services and how to receive them at the detention home.

  • Upon admission all residents are assessed for pertinent health issues, medications, and food/drug allergies.
  • Residents required to stay five or more days will receive a physical examination including health history, vital signs, and systems assessment.
  • Parents/legal guardians are requested to provide a copy of their child’s health insurance card to be kept in the resident’s medical folder should an emergency arise.

Prescription Medications

  • May be brought to the main entrance of the detention home any time.
  • Must be in its original bottle with the pharmacy label intact.
  • Should not be more than three months old unless it is prescribed as an “as needed” or “PRN” medication.

Medical Appointments

  • Parents/legal guardian to notify the nursing clinic to arrange transportation for previously scheduled medical appointments.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for the payment of outside medical appointments and services, as well as prescription medications and refills.
  • At least 24-hour notice is required to request an outside medical appointment for a resident; however, requests will only be granted for essential appointments.

For more information, please contact Medical.

Mental Health Services

Chesterfield Juvenile Detention Home employs a Senior Mental Health Clinician to address the needs of pre-disposition residents. CJDH collaborates with Mental Health Support Services to assign a Senior Mental Health Clinician for Post-D/CPP residents and a Mental Health Case Manager, who provides services to all residents.


  • Crisis intervention
  • Behavioral and coping skills
  • Intervention for residents
  • Staff training to assist with meeting needs of residents
  • Link residents and families with community resources and outside agencies
  • Coordinate services with outside agencies
  • Individual and family therapy for residents in the Post Dispositional Program
  • Daily psychoeducational and therapeutic groups

For more information, please contact Mental Health.

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