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Juvenile Detention Home - Frequently Asked Questions
Juvenile Detention Home
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Marilyn G. Brown

Assistant Director
Willie A. May
(804) 706-2753

Principal of the Detention Home School
Anthony McLaurin
(804) 706-2160

Phone Numbers
(804) 748-1460
(804) 768-7735 Fax

Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Juvenile Detention Home
9600 Krause Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832Map this 


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Chesterfield County Public Schools
Juvenile Detention Home
Juvenile Detention Home - Frequently Asked Questions

Arrest and Court Procedures

As a parent or guardian, how can I find out if a juvenile has been detained? 

If my child has just been brought to the Juvenile Detention Home by the police, when and where will the detention hearing be held? 

Where is the Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court located? 

Can I bond out my child? 

Release Procedures

What time will my son or daughter return to detention from court? 

In court, the judge stated that my child was eligible for “HIP” or “Electronic Monitoring”. What does that mean? 

If my child was sentenced to a set number of days in detention, when will they be released? 

Weekend Detention and Weekend Work Program

My child is court ordered to spend weekends in detention. What is the drop-off and pick-up procedure? 

My child is court ordered to the Weekend Work Program. What is the drop-off and pick-up procedure? 

Mail, School, and Religious Services

Are juveniles allowed to send and receive mail? 

How should I address mail to a juvenile?  

Will my child be attending school while in detention? 

Does the Detention Home offer religious services? 

Parent Resources

I have a child who is out of control and will not listen. What can I do? 

Can I bring my child to the Detention Home and admit him or her to teach them a lesson or schedule a tour of the Detention Home? 

How do I get information about services for my juvenile? 

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