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Legislative Program 2005
Intergovernmental Relations
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Intergovernmental Relations Director
Mary Ann Curtin

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Intergovernmental Relations
Legislative Program 2005

2005 Legislative Program 

Legislative Priorities 

Strategic Goal: To be exemplary stewards of public trust  

  • Support VML/VACo and other local government efforts to correct adverse effects on local tax collections arising from 2004 changes to the Personal Property Tax Relief Act
  • Protect Cash Proffer Authority - HB2456 , HB2479  
  • Protect local government land use and zoning authority
  • Adopt new statutes providing for more positive operation of private youth group homes - HB2461 , HJ685 , SB1304 , SB1333 , HB2881  

Legislative Requests 

Strategic Goal: To be the employer of choice

  • Create an additional statutory death benefit of $20,000 as a token of gratitude for public employees who are killed by hostile action in foreign countries - HB1793  

Strategic Goal: To be the safest and most secure community compared to similar jurisdictions  

  • Amend §58.1-3610 of the Code of Virginia to clarify that volunteer rescue squads who bill for service under revenue recovery programs retain the local property tax exemption

Strategic Goal: To provide world-class customer service  

  • Amend §33.1-23.4 of the Code of Virginia to allow counties, if they choose, to administer their secondary road construction funds - SB797  
  • Amend §33.1-12a of the Code of Virginia to increase from $2 million to $10 million the maximum contract amounts which the Commonwealth Transportation Commissioner is allowed to delegate to cities or counties - HB1954  

Strategic Goal: To be acknowledged for extraordinary quality of life  

  • Grant Impact Fee authority to localities - HB2476 , HB2346 , HJ682  
  • Grant localities the authority for Adequate Public Facility ordinances
  • Allow the Board to make appointments to the BZA
  • Allow the Board to ration building permits at certain growth levels
  • Eliminate "substantial change in neighborhood" test for non-vested residentially-zoned property in down-zoning
  • Require VDOT participation with local government advance funding of road improvements - SB985  
  • Amend the statutes for Community Development Authorities (CDA) to remove/reduce parcel size limitations, remove $3 million bond limitation on counties, and allow CDA funds to be used for land acquisition - HB2381  


  • Support a request by the City of Portsmouth to study the clustering of group homes - HJ703  
  • Support extension of existing Enterprise Zone Authority - SB733 , SB735 , HB1952 , HB1964 , HB2207 , HB2279 , SB848  
  • Support Virginia Metropolitan Circuit Court Clerks' Association request to remove statutory sanctions against clerks' offices which are unable to process certain transactions within prescribed time frames
  • Support the Virginia Metropolitan Circuit Court Clerks' Association in efforts to create a processing fee of approximately $5.00 on the filing of land record transactions

Any questions about this program should be referred to  

Mary Ann Curtin
Director, Intergovernmental Relations
at (804) 748-1486