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Legislative Program 2004
Intergovernmental Relations
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Intergovernmental Relations
Legislative Program 2004

2004 Legislative Program 

Legislative Priorities 

  • To protect local revenues as the General Assembly considers various tax restructuring and telecommunications tax reform proposals.
  • To protect current cash proffer authority.
  • To protect local government land use and zoning authority.

Legislative Requests 

Strategic Goal: To be the employer of choice

  • A. Sponsor legislation that would add Chesterfield County to the list of counties cited in Section 15.2-1508.3 allowed to supplement Health Department salaries. (SB45)  
  • B. Allow localities to decide if the locality or the individual pays the cost of fingerprinting for criminal records checks. (SB90)  

Strategic Goal: To be exemplary stewards of the public trust

  • Require a locality which places a student with disabilities in another locality, pursuant to the Comprehensive Services Act, to be responsible for funding the student's individualized education program until the age of 22. (HB1047)  

Strategic Goal: To be acknowledged for extraordinary quality of life  

  • Sponsor legislation to allow any county granted a charter by the General Assembly to assess transportation impact fees on new development. (SB123)  
  • Amend Section 37.1-180 of the Code of Virginia to require that regulations promulgated by the State Board of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse for group homes provide for monthly inspections, and other requirements to protect surrounding residential neighborhoods. (The Board has decided not to proceed with this item..)  
  • Amend the county charter to allow for the deferral of payments within residential water or sewer assessment districts for owners 65 years of age and older until the property is no longer occupied by a property owner who is 65 years of age or older. (HB559)  
  • Amend 15.2-953 to allow localities to appropriate public funds to any non-profit organization providing recreational or day care services to persons 65 years of age or older. (HB300)  


  • Support restoration of full share of state funding for locally operated juvenile detention homes.
  • Support the extension of Adequate Public Facilities authority to localities as an additional local growth management tool. (SB393) (HB893)  
  • Ensure the state share for reimbursement of the county jail replacement is included in FY05 state budget.
  • Support a language amendment to the Appropriations Act allowing jail expansion planning study submittals to Department of Corrections in other than odd numbered years.
  • Support a language amendment to the Appropriation Act granting Riverside Regional Jail an exception to the moratorium on approval of jail construction projects.
  • Support extension of the VA Sickness and Disability Plan to localities. (HB491)