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Legislative Program 2003
Intergovernmental Relations
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Intergovernmental Relations
Legislative Program 2003

2003 Legislative Program 

Legislative Priorities 

  • Protection of cash-proffer authority.
  • Support efforts to repeal HB1299, non-conforming use, manufactured housing, from the 2002 General Assembly HB1799 .
  • Oppose the by-right placement of manufactured homes in any residential districts HB2215 .

Legislative Requests 

Strategic Goal: To be exemplary stewards of the public trust

  • Amend 58.1-3983.1 of the Code of Virginia to require the tax commissioner to issue a decision regarding the tax commissioner's jurisdiction to consider the appeal of an assessment within 30 days of receipt of the taxpayer's application for correction of assessment HB1932 .
  • Amend 58.1-3983.1 of the Code of Virginia to require the tax commissioner to state to the taxpayer and the commissioner of the revenue, or other assessing official, the reason for not making a determination on an assessment appeal within the currently allowed 90-day period and to limit any additional time allowed to no more than 30 days beyond the initial 90-day period HB1932 .
  • Amend 17.1-619 of the Code of Virginia to provide that jurors in all civil cases be paid by the losing party as determined by the court. In cases that are non-suited or in which a settlement is reached on the day of the trial after the jurors appear for service, the jurors shall be paid by the plaintiff. Not withstanding the above, the taxing of these costs shall be in the sound discretion of the court HB 2425 .
  • Amend Section 33.1-12 of the Code of Virginia to eliminate duplicate contract award process by having the Board of Supervisors award road contracts for road construction projects managed by the county. Currently, the Commonwealth Transportation Board also has to make a contract award for these projects.
  • Amend Section 14.1-133.2 of the Code of Virginia to increase the amount of fees allowable for courthouse maintenance and lift the current cap on the total amount of fee that may be charged for courthouse maintenance and the law library HB2052 .
Strategic Goal: To provide world-class customer service
  • Amend the Code of Virginia to allow the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services to give the EMS passport to volunteer firefighters and volunteer rescue squads as an incentive to volunteer HB 1664 .


  • Support legislation to eliminate the sunset provisions in 53.1-120D of the Code of Virginia. This extends the ability to assess a $5 fee on court cases to fund courthouse security personnel beyond the current sunset of July 2004 HB 1382 .
  • Support the State in initiating a study on water-resources planning for the Commonwealth of Virginia SB1221 , SB1259 .
  • Oppose any state budget reduction that disproportionately targets Chesterfield County.
  • Oppose any legislation that results in increased contribution rates for the Virginia Retirement System.
  • Oppose state-mandated consolidations of community services boards.