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Legislative Program 2002
Intergovernmental Relations
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Intergovernmental Relations Director
Mary Ann Curtin

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Office (804) 748-1486
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8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Intergovernmental Relations
P.O. Box 40
Chesterfield, VA 23832-0040

Street Address
Lane B. Ramsey Administration Building
Fifth Floor, Room 500
9901 Lori Road
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Chesterfield County Public Schools
Intergovernmental Relations
Legislative Program 2002

Legislative Priorities: 

  • Protection of Cash Proffer Authority
  • Protection of County Revenue

Legislative Requests: 

Strategic Goal: To provide world class customer service

  • Amend the County Charter to eliminate duplicate requirements for zoning review/substantial accord review for certain public use projects. HB916  
  • Amend Section 15.2-2307 to clarify issues related to vested rights and circumstances which prevent property owners from applying for rezoning amendments due to the 1998 Vested Rights legislation.

Strategic Goal: To be acknowledged for its extraordinary quality of life

  • Authorize local governments to impose impact fees on previously zoned lots which are not subject to cash proffers to offset the cost of residential development. HB204  

Strategic Goal: To Be the Model for Excellence in Government

  • Request a study resolution, to be conducted by an agency or study commission independent of DMAS, to review Medicaid reimbursement rates for services provided to clients of Community Services Boards in order to determine the need for ongoing adjustments in the reimbursement rates. SJ98  

State Budget Requests 

  • Appropriation of state funds for the capital and operating reimbursement for the Juvenile Detention Home Expansion ($4.9 million capital and $2.3 million operating).
  • Continue state appropriations for the operation of the "Chesterfield Link" transit system.
  • Amend the Appropriations Act to include language requiring DMAS to provide a higher rate of reimbursement to public nursing homes whose patient population includes a higher percentage of Medicaid patients than the statewide average.
  • Appropriate state funds to VDOT to pay the bonded indebtedness on the Powhite Parkway Extension in order to eliminate toll on the VDOT portion of the road.


  • Support State budget/funding requests for: Compensation Board staffing
    State share of salary increases for state supported local employees
    Comprehensive Services Act funding shortfalls
    HB 599 funding
    Offices on Youth
  • Support the funding request of the Chesterfield/Colonial Heights Drug Court for state matching funds to continue the federal implementation grant.
  • Support proposed legislation amending the Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act. SB433  
  • Support legislation to allow localities the option to participate in the Virginia Sickness and Disability Plan.
  • Support funding to implement JLARC recommendations regarding State funding of K-12 education.
  • Support the various initiatives and funding requests of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.
  • Oppose legislation mandating the placement of multi-section manufactured housing by right in any residential zoned district. HB1212  
  • Oppose legislation resulting in increased rates for the county from the Virginia Retirement System.