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Legislative Program 2001
Intergovernmental Relations
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Intergovernmental Relations
Legislative Program 2001

2001 Legislative Program 

Bill numbers will be linked to the Legislative Information System for your convenience

Legislative Priorities: 

  • Protection of all existing revenue sources and taxing authority (includes: cash proffers, HB599, 9-1-1).
  • Provision of additional state funding for Comprehensive Services Act shortfalls.
  • Amend County Charter to reflect recodification of Title 15.1 to 15.2. - SB 881  
  • Support legislative requests of High Growth Coalition. 
  • Support equal taxing authority for counties. - HB 1794  
  • Support state return of portion of income tax revenues to localities. - HB 1635 ; HB 2017 ; HB 2249 ;
    HB 2446 ; SB 1165 ; SB 1218   
  • Support full funding for Rt. 288 as a four lane road. 
  • Oppose any new mandates on local government. 
  • Oppose proposals to allow VDOT to bypass local zoning in the siting of telecommunications towers in VDOT rights of way.
  • Oppose any legislation that will weaken the ability of local governments to regulate land use. 

Legislative Requests: 

Strategic Goal: To Be the Model for Excellence in Government

  • Create State Certification program for construction site operators for implementation of erosion and sediment control plans. - SB 1247  
  • Provide that any proceeding before the Board of Zoning Appeals would be stayed in the event there is a pending criminal proceeding on the same matter. - HB 2522  
  • Allow localities the discretion to not require finger printing for concealed weapons permit applicants on subsequent applications by a permit holder. - SB 880  
  • Request the Department of Taxation to do a study to clarify the definition of manufacturer for the purpose of business license fees (BPOL). - HJ 626  

Strategic Goal: To be the safest and most secure community of its size in the USA.

  • Amend the State Code to clarify the maximum fine a locality may charge for an uncontested parking violation and increase that fine from a $20 to a $50 maximum.  The proposed maximum fines will not apply to existing fines for handicapped parking violations. - HB 2170  
  • Continue funding for new van service from new state revenue sources. 
  • Continue HB599 funding.
  • Fully fund staffing standards for Constitutional Officers.
  • Fund Court Services Unit positions.


  • Support State budget/funding requests for:
    • Camp Baker 
    • Operation of Drug Court 
    • Henricus Foundation
    • Eppington 
    • Carpenter Center
    • Virginia League of Social Services Executives 
    • Virginia Association of Community Services Boards
  • Support legislative requests of Capital Region Airport Commission. - SB 877 & HB 2479  
  • Support expansion of misdemeanor exceptions for which a juvenile may be taken into custody (brandishing a firearm and vandalism to property on commercial grounds).
  • Support Statewide Emergency Management Association proposal for mandatory tornado drills in schools, and an upgrade of the state Emergency Operations Center. - SB 1022  
  • Support enforcement of primary seatbelt law to promote safety of citizens. - HB 1672  
  • Support legislation to provide equitable state funding support for existing regional and independent criminal justice training academies.
  • Support legislation requiring Compensation Board to  fund fully additional positions for Clerk of Circuit Court offices when new judgeships are created.
  • Support Metro Clerks Association position eliminating Compensation Board role in use of technology trust funds and removal of the sunset clause on this statute.
  • Support expansion of open space preservation initiatives. - HB 1879  
  • Support increased State funding for the State Workforce Services program.
  • Oppose expansion of overtime under Fair Labor Standards Act. - HJ 578  
  • Oppose state reductions in police grants.
  • Oppose any new mandated benefits.
  • Oppose changes to local grievance procedure. - HB 1944  
  • Oppose "Meet and Confer" legislation. - SB 1317