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Legislative Program 2000
Intergovernmental Relations
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Intergovernmental Relations
Legislative Program 2000

2000 Legislative Program 

Bill numbers will be linked to the Legislative Information System for your convenience

County Priorities: 

Protection of the current Cash Proffer Authority

Tax exemption requests:

1. Chesterfield Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.-property located at 12321 Richmond Street. Property assessed $648 in real estate property taxes for 1999. ( HB28 )  

Legislative Requests:

Strategic Goal: To Provide World Class Customer Service

2. The current requirement to post notices of Board of Equalization meetings at all county voting precincts does not provide enough citizen access to this information due to the high usage of schools as polling places. Access to school sites is limited and most citizens only visit polling places on election day. The county proposes amending Section 58.1-3378 of the Code of Virginia to change the requirement for posting of county notices of Board of Equalization work sessions and public hearings from voting precincts to public libraries. Changing this provision in the notice requirements will improve citizen knowledge of, and access to, information on Board of Equalization meetings. ( SB381 )  

3. Amend Section 15.2-2226 and 15.2-2229 of the Code of Virginia to clarify that the current ninety day time frame specified by the Code applies to both the development and amendment of Comprehensive Plans. This change would give citizens a clear schedule for anticipated action and prevent procedural challenges once an initial Comprehensive Plan has been developed. ( SB333 )  

4. Amend the Appropriations Act to provide funds to pay the annual debt service for the Powhite Parkway Extension (administered by VDOT) the Powhite Parkway and Downtown Expressway (administered by the Richmond Metropolitan Authority). State assumption of this financial responsibility, estimated at about $20 million per year, eliminates the need for toll payments by Chesterfield residents and other users. ( HJ64 )  

Strategic Goal: To be the safest and most secure community of its size in the USA.

5. Amend the Appropriations Act to provide a cash match for the federal implementation grant which will fund a joint drug court for Chesterfield and Colonial Heights. The multi-agency planning group has received a grant from the federal government which allowed appropriate needs assessment and identification of benefits. Included in the State Budget ( SB30 / HB30 )  

Support/Oppose Requests:

6. Oppose any legislative effort to amend current local government authority to implement and use the E 9-1-1 user fee. This includes any proposal to transfer revenues to the state for redistribution. ( SB148 )  

7. Support legislation which prohibits insurers and health maintenance organizations from limiting patient access to use of the 9-1-1 emergency system. ( HB660 )  

8. Support legislation which provides state authority and clarifies local authority to regulate tidal and non-tidal wetlands.  ( HB1170 , SB648 , SB695 )  

9. Support the legislative requests of the Virginia League of Social Services Executives

10. Support continued full funding of H. B. 599 funding. The county currently receives approximately $5.5 million from this revenue source.  Included in the State Budget ( SB30 / HB30 )  

11. Support continued funding for school construction, including the hold harmless funds appropriated for FY 2000.  Included in the State Budget ( SB30 / HB30 )  

12. Support additional appropriations under the Water Quality Improvement Act. Included in the State Budget ( SB30 / HB30 )  

13. Support continued operational funding for the Henricus Foundation.  Included in the State Budget ( SB30 / HB30 )  

14. Support continued operational appropriations for Camp Baker.  Included in the State Budget ( SB30 / HB30 )  

15. Support parity funding to the Richmond region for: a) road construction, including secondary road funds, b) funding to capitalize the Airport Revolving Loan Fund which will allow the airport to finance needed expansion gates, c) continued state appropriations to fund public transit in the Richmond metropolitan region, d) funding for Main Street Station and high speed rail. These items included in SB33 / HB608 - airport, road construction or in the State Budget HB30 / SB30 - transit appropriations and Main Street Station.  

16. Support the legislative agendas of the Virginia Association of Local Human Service Officials and the Comprehensive Services Act (CSA) local legislative work group.

17. Support legislation which provides that acceptance of an "offer of judgment" on behalf of a police officer charged with an illegal search in a federal court proceeding does not count as a finding of an illegal search for the purposes of the state statute requiring police officers to forfeit their office if they are twice found guilty and convicted of conducting an illegal search.

18. Support the Health Center Commission legislative request to clarify their ability to operate senior assisted living and independent housing for seniors and for long term care appropriations. ( SB770 )  

19. Support the Department of Juvenile Justice proposals to amend state funding formula for operating costs of local and regional detention homes.  ( SB196 , HB387 )  

20. Support the Medical College of Virginia's request to the General Assembly for indigent care reimbursement funding.  Included in the State Budget ( SB30 / HB30 )  

21. Support the Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts request for a state appropriation of $5 million for building improvements.  $1 million included in the State Budget ( SB30 / HB30 )  

22. Support legislation to designate part of Rt. 295 as the Korean War Veteran's Memorial Highway. ( HB440 , SB322 )  

23. Support legislation to designate the Rt. 895 bridge over the James River as the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial Bridge. ( SB288 , HB897 )