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Internal Audit - Frequently Asked Questions
Internal Audit
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Internal Audit
Internal Audit - Frequently Asked Questions

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline (804) 318-8000

Will my name be protected if I choose to provide it? 

The information provided will be kept confidential and privileged; however, your identity may have to be disclosed in the case of a law enforcement request or by order of subpoena. You may remain anonymous if you wish. Please note that sending personal information by fax or e-mail is not a confidential or secure means of transmission.

As a county or school employee, what about retaliation if I file this report? 

It is a violation of the fraud policy for any individual to be discriminated against for reporting fraud, waste & abuse or for cooperating, giving testimony, or participating in an audit investigation, proceeding, or hearing. False or vindictive allegations are also violations of the fraud policy and should not be made.

Are all complaints investigated? 

The Internal Audit Department takes all legitimate reports of fraud, waste & abuse seriously and will make every effort to properly investigate issues. You can assist us in our investigation by providing as much documentation or data as possible.

How can I report fraud, waste and abuse? 

The ability to respond to your report depends on the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide. The best and easiest way to report your concerns is to call the hotline during business hours. Staff will confidentially document your concern for you and make sure all the important details are included; however, there may be rare occasions when staff is unavailable and voicemail is activated. You may use the voicemail to state your allegation or call back and speak with an operator at a later time.

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