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About Risk Management
Risk Management
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Director of Risk Management
Cynthia B. Smith

Phone Numbers
(804) 318-8800
(804) 748-2440 (FAX)

8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Chesterfield County
Department of Risk Management
10000 Courtview Lane
Chesterfield, VA 23832


Ready Virginia
Chesterfield County Public Schools
Risk Management
About Risk Management

The department of Risk Management serves both the Chesterfield County government and public schools. Its mission is to work with employees and citizens to manage the risks arising out of county and public school operations. The department supports the Chesterfield County's Vision and Mission. We ascertain the county government's attitude toward risk and reduce the long-run cost of risk while maximizing the probability of long-run benefits. Government's exposure to loss or gain ("RISK") is politically, legally, and socially unique.

Chesterfield County is devoted to the finest quality of life. The Risk Management Department’s support for the finest quality of life calls for: planning, preparation, training and drilling.

Common risk management techniques include:  

  • Avoid: Redesign the process to avoid particular risks with the plan of reducing overall risk.
  • Diversify: Spread the risk among numerous assets or processes to reduce the overall risk of loss or impairment.
  • Control: Design activities to prevent, detect or contain adverse events or to promote positive outcomes.
  • Share: Distribute a portion of the risk through a contract with another party, such as insurance.
  • Transfer: Distribute all of the risk through a contract with another party, such as outsourcing.
  • Accept: Allow minor risks to exist to avoid spending more on managing the risks than the potential harm.



  • Enhance the occupational health and safety of County and School employees, students and other customers.
  • Assist and audit County and School compliance with federal and state occupational safety and health standards.


  • Improve County and School operational resiliency and sustainability.
  • Develop and execute the Risk Management Plan.
  • Evaluate the County and School's exposure to risk and recommend ways to improve those risks.
  • Procure insurance and risk management services in accordance with County purchasing rules.
  • Establish insurance requirements on County and School contracts to support the Risk Management Plan.
  • Develop, monitor and reconcile all risk budgets and cost allocations.
  • Operate the Risk Management Internal Service Fund in compliance with governmental laws and regulations and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board pronouncement for financial reporting of risk management activities.
  • Provide compliance oversight of HIPAA regulations.


  • Perform claim administration for County and Schools self-insurance: worker's compensation, automobile, general and other liability and property claims.
  • Seek payment for damages to County and School assets caused by other parties.
  • Work with the County Attorney's office closely on claim mitigation.
  • Assure County and School compliance with the Virginia Workers Compensation Commission.
  • Assure workers compensation and tort compliance with the federal Medicare Secondary Payer Act.
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