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Legislative Program 2010
Intergovernmental Relations
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Intergovernmental Relations
Legislative Program 2010


The 2010 Legislative Program was approved by the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors November 18, 2009.

2010 Legislative Initiatives 

Guiding Principles 

Maintain AAA rating, financial independence and fiscal integrity of Chesterfield County.

Legislative Requests 

  • Amend the secondary street acceptance requirements (SSAR) to “grandfather” requests for acceptance that do not have a state maintained stub road connection due to a specific zoning requirement that was in effect prior to March 9, 2009 ( the effective date of the regulations). HB 95 
  • Amend the secondary street acceptance requirements (SSAR) to allow the acceptance of any street within a network addition that meets the public service requirement of three or more occupied units. HB 197 
  • Request JLARC to study the costs and benefits of the Commonwealth providing financial and other incentives to localities for the joint construction of capital facilities and for the joint provision of operating services. HJ 79 
  • Amend the Charter of Chesterfield County to allow the County Administrator the same access to tax information as the Commissioner of Revenue. SB 231 
  • Amend the Virginia Public Procurement Act to provide an exemption from the Act for the sale of dogs trained for local police work to the handler last in control of the animal. SB 52  
  • Request that Chesterfield County be added to the list of localities that have the authority to regulate or prohibit distribution of handbills, solicitation of contributions or sale of merchandise on the highways. HB 534 

Legislative Positions 

  • Support the Jeff Davis Association’s efforts to have Route 1 in Chesterfield receive a historic highway designation. HB 530 
  • Support Richmond Regional PDC and Crater PDC with their regional legislative agendas.
  • Oppose additional cost shifting from the state to local governments.
  • Oppose any limitations/caps on existing    cash proffer or land use authorities.
  • Oppose additional unfunded state mandates.
  • Support full funding for the biennial rebenchmarking of the Standards of Quality (SOQ) and oppose any formula changes which weaken the education partnership between the state and localities, including capping state funding for support costs.  Any state funding reductions contemplated for the 2010-2012 biennium must be temporary, avoid any changes in methodology and any further erosion of the state’s responsibility that result in a shift of K-12 funding from the state to the localities.
  • Support the General Assembly's intention to eliminate the waiting lists for the Mental Retardation Medicaid Waivers within 10 years.
  • Support the RRPDC legislative position regarding local government authority to adopt adequate public facilities ordinances.
  • Support the RRPDC legislative position regarding local government autonomy to make policy decisions on local issues, particularly concerning land use regulation and local revenue measures.

Issues of Concern 

  • Additional state budget reductions
  • Stormwater regulations that could be detrimental to Chesterfield County
  • Transportation funding and economic development
  • Impact fees
  • State and local tax structure
  • State extension of tax benefits that reduce local revenues

Any questions about this program should be referred to  

Mary Ann Curtin
Director, Intergovernmental Relations
at (804) 748-1486