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Petit/Trial Jury Information Line

Jury Questionnaire and Circuit Court Information

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Jury Information

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 Download PDF Juror Info Sheet Response to Summons Form  

Juror Questionnaire Information 

The process includes 

  • mailing annually approximately 14,000 juror questionnaires to randomly selected Chesterfield County residents
  • reviewing responses by Jury Commissioners appointed by the Chief Judge and the processing of the Commissioners’ decisions
  • creating a list of citizens qualified to serve petit (trial) jury duty

Questions and Answers Regarding a Juror Questionnaire 

Petit (Trial) Jury Summons Information

Location and Reporting Instructions

  • Petit (trial) jurors - report to the Jury Assembly Room, 2nd floor of the building 
  • Jurors are prohibited from entering the courthouse with
    • Guns/bullets
    • Knives
    • Cell phones
    • Cameras
    • Smart watches
    • Laptops and other electronic devices  

Questions and Answers Regarding a Summons for Petit Jury Service  

Grand Jury Information

Jury Scam

WARNING: Be Aware of Jury Scams

If you were summoned for jury service and failed to appear, you may be contacted by the court. If this happens, a judge may summon you to appear before the court for an explanation as to why you missed jury service.

However, police and court officials will never ask for payment, a credit card, money card or social security number for failure to appear for jury duty over the phone or by email.

Report suspicious activity immediately to local law enforcement - Chesterfield County Police Investigations Unit: 804-748-1268

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