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Finance Director
Allan Carmody 

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Matt Harris

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Chesterfield County Budget and Management
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Budget and Management
FY2017-FY2021 Adopted Capital Improvement Plan Overview

View Capital Improvement Projects AppChesterfield County, in accordance with State Code and its County Charter, prepares a five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The program is a dynamic plan, revised annually, that proposes the acquisition, development, enhancement or replacement of public facilities to serve the County citizenry. The CIP depicts the arrangement of selected projects in priority order and establishes cost estimates and anticipated funding sources. The program also serves as a programming guide and reflects the County’s physical development policies for the efficient and effective provision of county capital facilities. The resulting program reflects difficult decisions in the allocation of limited resources among competing demands.

The benefits of viable capital improvement programming include the following:

  • Eliminates the duplication of project requests and enables the County to take advantage of joint planning and shared county facilities;
  • Assists in implementing the County's Comprehensive and related policies;
  • Establishes a system of annual examination and prioritization of county needs;
  • Focuses attention on community goals and objectives;
  • Allows for proper programming and project design;
  • Allows for the identification of appropriate project financing and construction schedules;
  • Helps provide a framework for the equitable distribution of public improvements throughout the County;
  • Provides a basis for formulation of bond referenda, borrowing programs or other revenue producing measures;
  • Facilitates capital expenditure and revenue estimates and helps to avoid emergency financing methods;
  • Encourages efficient government administration;
  • Fosters a sound and stable financial program;
  • Bridges the gap between day-to-day operations of county government and the County's long-range development goals.

View the FY2017-2021 Adopted Capital Improvement Plan.