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Water & Wastewater Leak Adjustment Request
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Water & Wastewater Leak Adjustment Request

Customers may qualify for a bill adjustment when there is a water line or plumbing leak on the customers’ side of the water meter and it impacts their water/wastewater utility bill. To be eligible for a leak adjustment, you must repair the leak within 30 days after first learning of the leak and submit the appropriate documentation to Chesterfield Utilities. All adjustment requests are reviewed and adjusted based on County Ordinance Sec. 18-33 - Adjusting Utility Charges. If you have experienced a leak on your property and it has impacted the amount of your utility bill, please use the following information to request an adjustment to your bill:

  1. Complete the water/wastewater leak adjustment request form. It must be completed in its entirety and include the following information:
    • Date
    • Name on the account
    • Your current utility account-customer number
    • Your service address
    • Your daytime telephone number.
  2. After you repair a leak on your property, please complete the following information on the form:
    • Identify the type of leak
    • Provide the date the leak occurred
    • Date of repair
    • Identify type of documents attached to the form.
  3. Submit a copy of the plumber’s invoice with the form. If self-repaired, please submit sales receipts for any purchased materials.
  4. Describe the leak
  5. Explain how leak was repaired

Completion of a leak adjustment request does not guarantee an adjustment will be made to your billed amount. All requests are evaluated on average water consumption during the same time over the past three (3) years. Average usage will be compared to the customer’s usage during the leak timeframe to determine excessive usage. The adjustment for water is based on 50 percent of the billed consumption in excess of average usage. The adjustment for wastewater is based on 50 percent of the billed consumption in excess of average usage for an indoor water leak. For an outdoor water leak, wastewater may be adjusted at 100 percent of the excessive usage. If your account does not have at least three years’ history of water consumption, it may delay our response to your request until we take additional readings to determine your average consumption.  Chesterfield Utilities will allow one adjustment in any 18-month period for identified leaks.

All customers requesting a billing adjustment in accordance with these guidelines are required to pay their bill in full or make payment arrangements by contacting Chesterfield County Utilities Customer Service department at (804) 748-1291 while this form is being processed.

The leak adjustment form and all documentation can be submitted by:

  • Mail to:
    Leak Adjustments
    P.O. Box 608
    Chesterfield, VA 23832
  • Fax to: (804) 717-6248, attn.: Leak Adjustments
  • Email 

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