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Utilities Application and Billing Procedures
Utilities Application and Billing Procedures

Our business hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5p.m. Monday - Friday.

Please call 804-748-1291 during business hours to open an account. 

There is a $15 fee to open an account.

Social Security Numbers.  This application includes a request for you to provide us with your social security number.  You are not, however, required to provide us with your social security number.  If you do not do so, you will not be denied utility service.  If you do not provide your social security number you will be required to provide us with two other forms of government identification, such as a passport; green card; T-number (number/card issued by the Internal Revenue Service for tax payment purposes); valid, state-issued driver’s license; or valid, state-issued identification card.  A credit card will not be accepted as a form of identification.

Security Deposits.  We require security deposits under the following conditions:

1.  A deposit of $200.00 is required from (a) all residential customers who have had delinquent, unpaid or written-off accounts with us, (b) all residential customers with an outstanding balance from a closed or terminated account, (c) all residential tenants and (d) a lien foreclosed property that requires service and customer requests the lien removed.
2.  We require a deposit of $300.00 from (a) all business or commercial customers who are renting the property for which service is requested, (b) all business or commercial customers with an outstanding balance from a closed or terminated account.  (c) all business or commercial customers who have had delinquent, unpaid, or written-off accounts, and (d) a lien-foreclosed property that requires service and customer requests the lien removed.

Leases.  Residential tenants must bring an original, signed lease for the property for which they are seeking service before they can establish utility service.  If more than one person is the lessee, then all lessees must apply for the service and be listed as responsible parties for the account.

Closing an Account.  Sewer-only accounts (whether connected to the system or not) and water and sewer accounts (water connected and sewer not connected) cannot be closed until another person calls us for service and becomes responsible for the account that is to be closed.

Billing and Delinquency.  Customers will receive bi-monthly water and sewer bills.  Customers are allowed 25 days from the date of the bill to make payment. 

Mailing of Payment.  To avoid a late payment penalty or disconnection, customers should allow five business days for processing payments made at locations other than the Utilities Department’s main office.

Delinquent Payments.  Payments received after the 25th day are delinquent and a penalty of $1.50 or 5 percent of the unpaid balance, whichever is greater, will be added to the amount due on the account. Additionally, an interest charge of 1 percent of the delinquency will be added to all unpaid balances for every month that the bill is delinquent.  We will mail all delinquent customers a Past Due Water/Sewer Bill (“Red Bill”) as a reminder that payment has not been received. This Red Bill identifies for the customer the past due amount.

Notice of Disconnection.  The Red Bill also serves as a notice for delinquent accounts.  In addition to providing the balance due, the Red Bill also gives notice of the final due date for payment. 

Final Notice of Disconnection.  If the Red Bill for any utility charge remains delinquent beyond the final due contained in the Red Bill, we will hand deliver a Courtesy Notification tag (blue door hanger) to the delinquent customer’s residence or place of business prior to water service being disconnected.  The Courtesy Notification is delivered approximately 25 days after the final due date, giving delinquent customers additional time to pay their bill before service is disconnected. The Courtesy Notification indicates that payment of the delinquent amount must be received the following business day in order to avoid disconnection. If the customer is home the Courtesy Notification tag is left with the customer. If the customer is not home a tag is left at the residence or place of business. There is a $10.00 fee added to the amount of the delinquent bill when the Courtesy Notification is delivered.

Disconnection.  If the customer fails to comply with the Courtesy Notification to pay the delinquent amount (which includes the $10.00 fee for the Courtesy Notification), we will issue a work order to have the customer’s water terminated.  A service technician will disconnect service and deliver a Disconnection Notice tag (white door hanger) to the service address informing the customer that their water service has been disconnected due to nonpayment.  If service is disconnected, there will be an additional $20.00 disconnection fee added to the delinquent account before service is restored.  Service will only be disconnected during normal business hours.

Restoration of Service.  In order to have service restored, customers must make full payment of all delinquent amounts to the Department of Utilities.  Service will not be restored until full payment of the delinquent account, including the $10.00 Courtesy Notification Fee and the $20.00 Disconnection Fee, has been received.  Service will not be restored to a disconnected account except during normal business hours.

Disconnection and Restoration of Commercial Account and Tenant Accounts.  The disconnection process described above applies to both residential and commercial properties, and is the same both for customers who are owners and for customers who are tenants.

Failure to receive a bill.  If you do not receive your bill by the third working day after the billing date, you should contact Billing and Customer Service at 804-748-1291 promptly during normal business hours to receive a duplicate bill and/or to find out the amount of your bill so that you can pay it by the due date.

Closing your account.  It is the responsibility of the customer to call the Utilities Department to close the account and get a final meter reading. The bill generated from this final reading will be marked “FINAL CLOSING BILL.” The final bill will be deducted from the deposit (if any).  If there is a balance left on any deposit after the final bill is deducted, it will be returned to the customer at the last known address on file for the customer.  If there is a balance due on the account, the customer will be billed for the balance due.  If a customer closes an account with a balance due and then seeks utility service at another location in the County, the balance due at the prior location will be transferred to the new service location, and that new service will be subject to immediate disconnection.

Method of payment of bills.  Customers may pay their bill by mail, telephone (using IVR), online (using Link), EBOX (Home Banking), direct debit, drop box (three night depositories, which are provided for convenience outside the utilities building), and at the utilities building (9840 Government Center Parkway). When choosing a method of payment, remember payments will not be credited to the account until the Utilities Department receives the payment and it is posted to the account.

Fee for returned checks.  A $35 fee will be charged on all returned checks.

Problems with service.  If you have any problems with your water service, please check with a neighbor to see if they have the same problem. If you cannot locate the problem, you should contact the Billing and Customer Service at 804-748-1291 during normal business hours. For EMERGENCIES ONLY after business hours, please contact 804-744-1360. 

It is unlawful for any person to remove, tamper with, or damage any meter, meter box or other apparatus of equipment belonging to or used by the utilities department connection with its utility systems as defined in the county code and the code of Virginia.  

All fees and procedures are subject to change as established and set by the Board of Supervisors and the utilities director.

The county does not guarantee either the continued or the uninterrupted use of the utility service for which you are applying.