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Water & Sewer Specifications & Procedures
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Water & Sewer Specifications & Procedures

The Chesterfield water and sewer procedures and specifications manual provides a degree of conformity to the design and review of public water and wastewater utility improvements that are to be owned and maintained by the Chesterfield County Utilities department.

The technical sections of this manual identify routine or standard design assumptions and practices used and accepted by Utilities. This manual includes all of the latest updates.

Special or unique design situations shall be addressed on a case by case basis. Comments or suggestions for the improvement of this document are welcome. Developers, engineers, contractors and manufacturers interested in submitting specification changes or new products for evaluation and possible approval should communicate their interest to:

Chairman of the Product and Design Review Committee
Chesterfield Utilities Department
P.O. Box 608
Chesterfield, VA 23832

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This manual is subject to periodic updates 

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PART I - Design Standards and Procedures for Water Distribution and Sanitary Sewer Systems

These standards and procedures have been developed for use by consultants working on water and sewer utility projects within Chesterfield County and for County personnel who review those projects. The standards are not intended as a regulation but should be used as a guide which will establish a degree of uniformity for drawings and specifications for all water and sewer utility projects. Consultants working on water and sewer utility projects should recognize the fact that State and Federal regulations must be satisfied on all projects. In the event that the County Standards differ from State or Federal Requirements, the more restrictive standard shall be utilized. It is very difficult to generalize when addressing matters of engineering design without endangering the final product; therefore, consultants should strive for designs which show consideration of details presented herein. However, these details are secondary to good engineering judgment.

PART II - Standard Details

The Standard Details is an integral part of the manual which provides designers and contractors with an up-to-date catalog of standard drawings for County and Developer projects. These Details are designed to be used in conjunction with the latest edition of the Chesterfield County Water and Sewer Specifications and Procedures Manual and job specific construction drawings. The drawings do not necessarily have to be duplicated onto the construction drawings, as the contractor is required to follow the requirements as set forth in the latest Manual.

PART III - County Water and Sewer Project Construction Specifications

This part of the manual is for municipally-funded water and sewer projects as originated by the Chesterfield County Utilities Department. This project manual is intended only as a guide in the preparation of construction documents and is intended for use by registered professional engineers, or engineers under their direct supervision, who are experienced and regularly practically engaged in the design of water and sewer systems. The technical specification sections will provide guidance for construction requirements. The "front-end or boiler plate" documents normally will be used only for projects funded by the Utilities Department.

PART IV - Developer Water and Sewer Project Construction Specifications

This part of the manual is designed to serve the needs of private developers in the course of providing water and sewer systems for developer funded projects.

PART V - Approved Materials and Manufacturers List and Material Specifications

This part of the manual represents a listing of specific products that have been approved by the Product and Design Review Committee (PDRC) for use within Chesterfield County's water and sanitary sewer systems. The listing is divided into four sections. Sections 1 and 2 contain lists by type of material and indicate the approved product of each. Section 3 provides a listing of approved manufacturers followed by their addresses. Section 4 provides detailed materials specifications. This listing is intended to be used as a reference source for the Utilities Department's employees, engineers, contractors and vendors. Materials produced by manufacturers not listed herein are not acceptable for use within the County's systems.