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Utilities - Rates and Payment Information
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Director of Utilities
George B. Hayes, P.E.


Main Phone Numbers
804-751-4607 FAX

Billing and Account Information

Water/Wastewater Emergencies

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Lobby Hours
8:30 a.m. -5 p.m.
Monday-Friday, excluding holidays 

Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Utilities
PO Box 608
Chesterfield, VA 23832-0009

Street Address
9840 Government Center Parkway,
Chesterfield, VA 23832Map this 

Utilities - Rates and Payment Information

Charges for Water and Wastewater Service ─ The Chesterfield County Department of Utilities is entirely self-supporting. No county tax dollars are used for any utilities operation. As a result, the Utilities Department depends on revenues generated from system users and new connections. Fees for utility services are adjusted periodically to keep revenues in line with operating expenses, to replace aging facilities, and to maintain the highest standards of service. Customers are billed bimonthly (every two months). Customer, capacity and commodity charges make up the total bimonthly bill. The customer and capacity charges equal the minimum charge for service regardless of the amount of water used. The commodity charges are determined by the metered water volume (amount of water used).  For more information about how to calculate your bill, see Calculate Water Bills or call 804-748-1291.

Opening and Closing Accounts ─ If you are moving and wish to open or close an account, call 804-748-1291 or make the change online under “my account.” Water can usually be turned on or off within two working days. There is a $15 fee to open an account. On the day your water is scheduled to be turned on, make sure all faucets and spigots are turned off. If water appears to be running on the property when service is restored, it will be turned off again. Residents are responsible for any usage on an account until it has been officially closed.

Connection Fees ─ Connection fees must be paid whenever a property owner physically connects to the system. Call 804-748-1862 for information about fee schedules for water and wastewater connections.

Bill Payments ─ Utility accounts are billed bimonthly and are due upon receipt. The Chesterfield County Department of Utilities offers the following payment options: 

  • Mail your bill using the envelope provided in your bimonthly bill. Please include the payment slip to ensure proper credit to your account. Payments should be mailed to:

P.O. Box 26725
Richmond VA 23261-6725
Chesterfield County Utilities Department
P.O. Box 608
Chesterfield VA 23832

  • Pay online with a valid credit card through “My account” on this webpage. There is no cost for this service. 
  • Complete an application for Direct Debit to have your payment automatically withdrawn from your account at the financial institution of your choice, 10 days after the billing date each month. With this option, you will continue to receive a billing statement each month. This application also is available by calling 804-748-1291.
  • Deposit your bill in the drop boxes located at the Chesterfield County Department of Utilities at any time on or before the due date. Your payment slip should be included to ensure proper credit to your account. Walk-up boxes are located at each entrance to the Utilities Department Building. For added convenience, a drive-through box is located at the Government Center Parkway entrance between the Community Development Building and the Utilities Department Building. For your protection, please do not place cash in the drop boxes.
  •  Pay your bill in person at the Chesterfield County Department of Utilities located at 9840 Government Center Parkway in the Chesterfield County government complex. Office hours are 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday, with the exception of county holidays.  Map this 

Past Due Bills Bills are considered delinquent if payment is not received by the “past due after” date. If an account remains unpaid after this date, a second notice is mailed and a penalty is assessed. If the balance is still unpaid after 15 days, the account may be disconnected and charged a reconnection fee. All outstanding charges, fees and assessments must be paid before service can be restored. For information about outstanding charges, call 804-748-1291.

High Bills If your water consumption appears to be higher than normal, first check for leaks, especially in toilets, before calling the Utilities Department. Also, take into account the amount of time spent watering lawns or gardens, as this practice uses a significant amount of water. For information about high bills, call 804-748-1291.

Collections Program The Code of the County of Chesterfield, Section 18-30, referring to termination of service for nonpayment of utility charges and security deposit, was revised Aug. 28, 2002.

In accordance with the code, if the bill for any utility charge remains delinquent for 15 days after the customer has received a delinquent bill, service shall be disconnected.

Prior to water service being disconnected due to nonpayment, a courtesy notification door hanger will be left at the service location indicating the account is past due and that payment must be received in the Chesterfield Utilities Department the following business day. There will be a $10 fee added to the full amount of the delinquent bill when the courtesy notification is delivered. If a field technician is dispatched the following business day to disconnect service for nonpayment there will be a fee of $30, plus the amount of the delinquent bill, in order to have service restored. 

Hours of Collection To improve employee safety after normal business hours, Chesterfield County Utilities no longer accepts payments or phone calls from customers after 5 p.m. to restore water service because of a delinquent payment . Once service is disconnected all payments must be paid at the Chesterfield County Utilities Department located at 9840 Government Center Parkway in the Chesterfield County government complex. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.