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Utilities - Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program
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Utilities - Industrial Waste Pretreatment Program

Chesterfield County's Pretreatment Program Objectives

  • To prevent the introduction of pollutants that could interfere with the operations of Chesterfield County’s wastewater treatment plants;
  • To prevent the pass- through of pollutants that could adversely affect aquatic life within the receiving water;
  • To improve the opportunities to recycle and reclaim industrial wastewater and sludge;
  • To prevent the adverse health and safety effects for workers both at the treatment plant and at the collection system
  • Our program meets this objective by continuously evaluating the wastewater of new and existing facilities, issuing wastewater discharge permits and monitoring permitted industries by regularly sampling wastewater discharge and conducting comprehensive facility inspections. The implementation regulations for the Pretreatment Program can be found in Chapter 18 of the Chesterfield County Ordinance, Article IV ̶ Industrial Waste Discharge.

Under pretreatment program regulations, industries must meet all discharge standards including federally mandated prohibited discharge standards and categorical discharge standards (detailed on EPA’s website – 40 CFR Part 403), as well as local discharge standards for pollutants in their wastewater. Industries may be required to pretreat their wastewater discharge if the pollutants exceed, or have the potential to exceed, the allowable discharge concentration.

Our pretreatment program has won two awards (first place in the nation) from the EPA. They were “Clean Water Act Recognition Award” for year 1997 and 2002. Our program includes the following components:

Chesterfield County Wastewater Treatment Plants

Chesterfield has two wastewater treatment facilities, Falling Creek and Proctors Creek. Chesterfield County does not treat its storm water within the sanitary sewer system. The County has the capacity to treat roughly 39 million gallons of wastewater a day from these facilities and the effluent is discharged into the James River. Biosolids from the treatment process are categorized as Class B which is used for land application purposes.

Wastewater treatment facilities are designed to treat domestic waste by physical, biological, and chemical processes. However, industries often use heavy metals, chemicals, acids, or other materials in their operations. If discharged in the sewer system, these materials have the potential to erode sewer lines, produce explosive conditions and interfere with the treatment facilities or impact the waterways. The Pretreatment Program focuses on reducing harmful pollutants discharged from industries to the treatment plants that could interfere with the treatment process or pass through the treatment system. Local limits imposed by the program on industries ensures that the Proctors Creek and Falling Creek wastewater treatment plants meet their federally mandated discharge limits. The program also monitors the quality of biosolids to ensure safe land application. For more information on biosolids, please visit http://www.virginiabiosolids.com/.

Chesterfield County’s wastewater treatment facilities use an Integrated Fix Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) system that is designed to treat wastewater to meet the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s regulations, including nutrient removal regulation. An IFAS system uses floating media in an activated sludge basin to develop the growth of biomass and enhance the treatment process to meet nutrient regulations.

  • Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant – aerial photo
    /uploadedImages/Department_Information/Community_Development/Utilities/Media/Image/Proctors Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Aerial View.jpg 
  • Falling Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant - aerial photo
    /uploadedImages/Department_Information/Community_Development/Utilities/Media/Image/Falling Creek Wastewater Plant Aerial View.jpg 

Contact Information

Chesterfield County Utilities
Pretreatment Program
1200 Coxendale Road
Chester, VA 23836