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Route 10 Eastbound (Rt. 288 to Frith Ln.) Widening

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Route 10 Eastbound (Rt. 288 to Frith Ln.) Widening
Project Details

The project will involve converting the southbound Rt. 288 to eastbound Route 10 off-ramp and existing eastbound Route 10 to northbound Courthouse Road right turn lane into a through lane. Minimal widening of Route 10 between Route 288 and Courthouse Road will be required to facilitate the conversion. Additionally, the project will involve restriping eastbound Route 10 between Courthouse Road and Deerfield Drive. The eastbound Route 10 to northbound Deerfield Drive right turn lane will be converted into a through lane. Finally, eastbound Route 10 will be widened from two lanes to three lanes between Deerfield Drive and Frith Lane.

Traffic Impacts
Route 10 will remain open to traffic at all times; however, some lane closures will be necessary during construction.

Project Timeline: Spring 2018 to Fall 2018

Brent Epps

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