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Karl S. Leonard 

Hours of Operation
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Emergencies call 911 

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Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office
P.O. Box 940
Chesterfield, VA 23832-0001

Street Address
(Main Office)
9500 Courthouse Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832
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(County Jail)
6900 Mimms Drive
Chesterfield, VA 23832
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Sheriffs Office
Become a Deputy

The Sheriff’s Office is a professional organization with high standards and expectations for all of its employees.

The department operates on the cutting edge of technology with new facilities in both the Correctional Services Bureau and the Court Services Division.

The Deputy Sheriff position is the entry-level position for the agency.

  • You can access the 24-hour job line at 804-768-7777 to hear a listing of all vacant county positions.
  • You must complete an application online at: www.careers.chesterfield.gov  

If you have hiring questions you can contact the Sheriff’s Office Human Resource Unit.  


  • Minimum Qualifications:
    • High school diploma or GED
    • Minimum of 21 years old
    • Valid Virginia driver’s license
    • Must be a U.S. citizen
    • Must be able to communicate effectively and have strong organizational skills.
  • In addition to DCJS requirements, applicants must successfully complete all Chesterfield Sheriff’s Office mandated training to include Firearms and other weapons training.

What are my requirements as an applicant?

Must successfully complete:

  • An oral interview
  • Character/background investigation packet which includes a
    • Driving and criminal history inquiry;
    • Psychological test and polygraph examination
    • A medical examination (physical)
    • A physical agility test (See a video describing the general requirements of the test.)
  • All Chesterfield Sheriff’s Office mandated basic training, to include Firearms and other weapons training.

Employee Benefits

The Sheriff's Office offers a robust benefits plan through Chesterfield County including:

  • Paid time off
  • Paid Holidays
  • Health and Dental Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • And more!

Hiring Criteria

NOTE: The following information is for informational purposes only and does not represent all factors that may eliminate a candidate from consideration.

  • Must be a United States citizen.
  • Must be 21 years of age.
  • Must have a high school diploma or a GED.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • No felony convictions.
  • Must have not plead guilty or no contest to any felony.
  • No conviction on any offense that would be a felony if committed in Virginia.
  • No conviction on any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or domestic violence.
  • Must have not plead guilty or no contest to any misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or domestic violence.
  • No conviction of any offense involving that would involve moral turpitude or domestic violence if committed in Virginia.
  • No alcohol or drug-related convictions within the past five years.
  • Must have not accumulated 8 or more negative points on a Virginia driver’s license or the equivalent for an out-of-state license in the past three years (starting from a zero baseline).
  • No major moving violations as defined in the Virginia Motor Vehicle Code within the past four years.
  • No DUI convictions within the past five years.
  • No use of any controlled substances, to include marijuana, within the past two years.
  • No conviction of manufacturing or distributing illegal drugs.
  • Must have received an honorable discharge or general discharge under honorable conditions.
  • Cheating on any examination or test associated with the position.
  • Untruthfulness or the withholding of information on any application, interview, or paperwork associated with the application.
  • Engaging in behavior which is in conflict with the law or which would place the individual or department in a position of compromise, undue embarrassment or criticism, or loss of public credibility.
  • No conviction of manufacturing or distributing illegal drugs.
  • Membership in or association with members of subversive organizations (i.e. government overthrow, extremist, racial/religious intolerance, etc.)
  • Failure to comply with reporting times, appointments, deadlines or time limits imposed during any portion of the hiring process.
    • Reasonable exceptions shall be granted on a case-by-case basis for family emergencies, out-of-state candidates.
  • Failure to successfully complete a federal E-Verify check.
  • Excessive tattoos / brands cannot be exposed or visible (includes visible through the clothing).
    • Excessive is defined as any tattoo or brand or combination of them that exceeds 1/4 of the exposed body part and those above the collar bone and readily visible when wearing an open collar shirt.
  • The use of gold, platinum or other veneers or caps for the purpose of dental ornamentation is prohibited.
    • Teeth, whether natural, capped or veneer, cannot be ornamented with designs, jewels, initials, etc.
  • Intentional body mutilation, piercing, branding and/or intentional scarring that is excessive or eccentric is prohibited. Some examples are:
    • a split or forked tongue;
    • foreign objects inserted under the skin to create a design or pattern;
    • enlarged or stretched out holes in the ears (other than a normal piercing);
    • intentional scarring that appears on the neck, face, or scalp.
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