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Requesting an Administrative Variance
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Requesting an Administrative Variance

A Variance from any building setback requirement may be granted by the Director of Planning when he finds in writing that (1) the strict application of the Ordinance requirement would produce undue hardship; (2) such hardship is not shared generally by other properties in the same zoning district and the same vicinity; and (3) the authorization of such Variance will not be of substantial detriment to adjacent property, and the character of the zoning district will not be changed by the granting of the Variance.

Summary of Requesting an Administrative Variance

  1. Contact the Planning Department, 9800 Government Center Parkway or Phone (804)748-1050, to submit proposed request and supporting documentation to initiate the pre-application conference. 
  2. The supporting documentation will be forwarded to a Project Manager who will contact the applicant to discuss the request and schedule an appointment to review the process and application.
  3. The application (received at the pre-application conference) shall be completed and returned to the Planning Department Customer Service Center with applicable plats, maps, filing fees and any other documentation discussed at the pre- application conference.
  4. Upon receiving a complete application, the project manager will prepare the case to include:
         a. A site visit to the subject property
         b. Notification mailed to adjacent property owners at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the Director acting on the application.
         c. Sign posting of the subject property at least fourteen (14) days prior to the Director acting on the application.
  5. It is suggested that applicants contact their adjacent property owners to explain the purpose of their request. If any adjacent owner objects to the application, the objection shall be submitted in writing to the Planning Department within 21 days of notice.
  6. The Director of Planning will approve or disapprove the application not less than ninety (90) days after the date of the submission of the application. The applicant will be sent written notice of the Director’s decision.
  7. If your request is approved, you may then proceed with plans and other necessary review procedures. Typically the request will not be approved if reasonable alternatives to the request exist. If your request for an administrative Variance is denied, you may appeal in writing and specify the grounds to the Board of Zoning Appeals. 

Additional information which may assist you are the pamphlets and publications entitled: