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Minor Site Plan Process
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Minor Site Plan Process

The minor site plan process was developed as incentive to encourage small business development and reinvestment in commercial properties. The county hopes that by easing the time and cost of the typical review, process owners will be encouraged to make improvements to their properties, which will facilitate their business goals and improve the vitality of our community.

Which Projects Can Use This? 

Any parcel that meets all 10 eligibility requirements for the minor site plan review: 

1. land disturbance or building addition of 2,500 to 10,000 square feet;
2. no water/sewer mainline extensions are required
3. industrial uses have sufficient independent water supply
4. VDOT reviews can be handled by residency staff
5. not adjacent to residential occupied property, unless proper notification is provided
6. improvements do not require significant access changes, road improvements; or internal circulation changes
7. site has existing site improvements
8. site improvements require no buffer modifications
9. drainage improvements do not require dedication of easements to county
10. improvements meet Chesapeake Bay regulations; AND
11. Any project approved by site plan team.

What Does it Cost? 

There is no fee for this process.

How Long Does it Take? 

A half hour in a Wednesday Staff/Developer meeting. If revisions are required, an additional half hour on a subsequent Wednesday will be necessary.

What is Needed to Apply? 

  • Completed site plan application
  • 8 copies of a site plan showing applicable information from the Minor Site Plan Checklist

How Does it Work? 

  • The initial meeting is to review the plan for eligibility and approval

    • IF complete, an approval letter is issued at the initial meeting
    • IF not complete, a checklist showing revisions needed is provided
  • The follow-up meeting is to review the revised plan for completeness

    • IF complete, an approval letter is issued at the follow-up meeting
    • IF not complete, the project is disqualified and must be brought through the site plan process and applicant must pay required fees


  • Initial meeting may be arranged through the Planning Department, Administration Building, Room 203, Chesterfield, VA (804) 748-1050
  • Specific departments:
    • Environmental Engineering-748-1035
    • Fire-748-1360
    • Police-748-1266
    • Transportation-748-1037
    • Utilities - 748-1271

For additional information, see: 

  • "Participating in the Site Plan Process"
  • "Submitting Site Plans"
  • "Obtaining Water and Sewer Plan Approval"
  • "Obtaining Road Plan Approval"
  • "Obtaining a Land Disturbance Permit"
  • "Obtaining a Building Permit"
  • Chesterfield County Zoning Ordinance
  • Chesterfield County Erosion Control Ordinance

If you would like copies of these brochures, or any other information, please fee free to call the Planning Department at (804) 748-1050