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James Worsley, Ph.D., CPRE

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Great horned owls and bald eagles start nesting
Great blue herons check out nests
Waterfowl feed in Aikens swamp and the tidal wetlands
Deer start losing antlers


Waterfowl still active in the swamp and wetlands
Herons sit on nests
Bluebirds check out nesting cavities
Wood ducks check out nesting cavities
Spring peepers and chorus frogs start calling
Spotted salamanders return to vernal pools
Song sparrows and cardinals start their spring songs
Buds on red maples start to swell


Osprey return to nests
Pickerel frogs start calling
Some early neotropical migrants return (such as the yellow-throated warbler and green tree swallows)
Azure and cabbage moths start flight
Waterfowl start migration north
Alders bear catkins
First wildflowers bloom such as bluets, mustards, Whitlow grass, chickweed, violets
Green sprigs of cattails and arrow arum appear in the wetlands
Redbuds, spicebush and serviceberry bloom
Turtles start to bask on logs on warm days
Swarms of midges appear
Zebra swallowtails, falcate orangetips and mourning cloaks flutter along the trails.


Big push of neotropical birds head south. Prothonotaries, gnatcatchers, yellow warblers arrive.
More flowers bloom such as black locust, cross vine, garlic mustard, spring beauties, etc.
Dogwood blooms
Shad start migrating
Turkeys begin nesting
Bullfrogs and green frogs calling
Ruby-throated hummingbirds return


Blackberries and may apples bloom
Beaver kits are born
Turtles move out of wetlands to lay eggs
Vireos, tanagers, kingbirds and orioles return
First bluebird brood are fledged


Fawns are born
Turkeys hatch
Lizard tail starts to bloom in wetlands


American lotus bloom in the wetlands
Butterflies and dragonflies are abundant
Black rat snake lay eggs


Purple martins start migration south
Winged sumac and black gum show first fall colors
Monarch butterflies migrate
Dogwoods and sumacs are fruiting
Squirrels start cutting nuts


Bucks start to rub off velvet
Blue-winged teal migrations start
Fall mushrooms appear
White-throated sparrow and juncos start arriving
Hummingbirds migrate south
Night migration of songbirds


Fall colors peak
Beavers rebuild lodges and food caches


Waterfowl return to wetlands
Blackbirds start to flock


Waterfowl still arriving in wetlands

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