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Administrative Volunteers Needed
Fire and EMS

Community Risk Reduction
Management Services
Volunteer Fire and Rescue
Administrative Volunteers Needed

There are vital behind-the-scenes opportunities for knowledgeable volunteers. Administrative members typically serve at a fixed facility, for example

  • fire administration
  • public safety training center
  • fire logistics warehouse
  • fire station


Administrative Support

  • Completion of tasks including but not limited to
    • customer service
    • interdepartmental mail sorting and delivery
    • clerical and information systems technology assistance

Fire and Life Safety Public Education 

  • Delivery of fire and life safety education and injury prevention programs to
    • schools
    • community groups
    • targeted audiences

Training Instructor 

  • Delivery of educational and technical training programs to career and/or volunteer fire and EMS members

Logistics Support  

  • Tasks including but not limited to
    • inventory control
    • stocking and filling requisitions for supplies and equipment
    • fire station deliveries
    • transportation of members and equipment
    • equipment maintenance

If you have a talent—share it! We encourage you to apply today! 

Behind the scenes opportunities! 

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For more information, contact Volunteer Recruiter David Tesh or call 804-748-1629.

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What Our Volunteers Have to Say!

Melanie, Volunteer Administrator 

Inspired to volunteer after her family was helped by emergency response teams, Melanie works as an administrator. A full-time mother of two, she volunteers three to four times each month and in her job capacity, helps with banquets and open houses, trains members in the use of staffing software, and works on reports. "I knew I couldn't help as a firefighter. I had children so I couldn't dedicate that time being a single mother. But I thought I could help support the people who do that … free them up to go help people that needed help like us."

Jody and Kim, Volunteer Administrators 

By day, Jody is a parts coordinator at a trailer company, and Kim is an office manager for an engineering and environmental services company. On nights and weekends, they are administrative volunteers at the Wagstaff Circle Volunteer Fire Department. After experiencing a personal loss, Jody and Kim needed something positive in their lives, and to fill their spare time. This led them to search for a volunteer opportunity within the community that they could participate in as a couple. They wanted a challenge that would enable them to use their professional skills to support a cause they both cared about. Together, they selected Wagstaff Circle for its size, location, and because it had no existing support members. Event coordination, networking, fundraising, and community awareness are their main focus, and they’re not opposed to getting their hands dirty! They hope to inspire others to join them.

Wayne, Assistant Chief/Firefighter/EMT 

As an assistant chief, Wayne knows his way around a fire station—he's been volunteering for more than 35 years! In his position, he's in charge of running the crew on calls and assisting the chief at Company 6 in Enon. A maintenance worker at a large, local corporation, his commitment of more than three decades of volunteering has impacted his family as well—both of his sons started volunteering at age 16 and his wife is an association member. When asked what he would tell potential volunteers, he says, "It teaches discipline, teamwork and starting at a young age, I think it helps you in the long run as far as being a well-rounded person, able to handle more responsibilities."