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Fire and Life Safety - Open Burning Regulations
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Community Risk Reduction
Fire and Life Safety - Open Burning Regulations


Follow the links below for information on the type of burning you wish to conduct:

  • Tree/Garden Trimmings - 30-Day Permit - Any vegetation that would be commonly removed from trees, shrubs or garden plants during the normal pruning process. Any twigs or small branches that fall from trees during normal thunderstorms or windy days. Any plants removed from a garden after the growing season (corn stalks, tomato vines, bean vines etc.)
  • Land Clearing/Property Maintenance  - 90-Day Permit - Any debris waste generated from the development of property. Any debris generated during the removal of unwanted, leaning, hazardous or dead trees regardless of size, during normal upkeep or landscaping of the property. Including, but not limited to, limbs, tree trunks, logs and stumps.
  • Leaf Burning - The burning of leaves is permitted during certain times of the year in limited portions of the County.
  • Bonfires and Campfires - Bonfires and campfires are permitted under certain circumstances. Review this information prior to conducting any bonfire or campfire. 

Questions about any open burning issue should be directed to the Fire Marshal's Office at firemarshal@chesterfield.gov or (804) 748-1426.