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Open Burning Regulations
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Community Risk Reduction
Open Burning Regulations


Open burning/Permitted burning does not excuse you from consequences associated with damages or injuries.  All laws, ordinances, regulations must be complied with according to federal government, Commonwealth of Virginia and/or Chesterfield County.

All open burning in Chesterfield County

  • Fires must be constantly attended until extinguishes and no longer smoldering.
  • Attendees must provide adequate fire extinguishing equipment to control the fire.
  • The Virginia Division of Forestry requires that
    • open burning from February 15 through April 30 of each year
    • within 300 feet of woodland, bushland, or field containing dry grass or other combustible material leading to woodland
    • burning between the hours of 4 p.m. and midnight

Burn Types

Tree/Garden Trimmings  

  • 30-Day Permit
  • Any vegetation
    • commonly removed from trees, shrubs or garden plants during the normal pruning process
    • falls from trees during normal thunderstorms or windy days
    • removed from a garden after the growing season (corn stalks, tomato vines, bean vines etc.)

Land Clearing/Property Maintenance 

  • 90-Day Permit
  • Any debris generated
    • from development of property
    • during the removal of
      • unwanted
      • leaning
      • hazardous
      • dead trees
    • regardless of size, during normal upkeep or landscaping of the property
      •  Including, but not limited to, limbs, tree trunks, logs and stumps

Leaf Burning 

  • The burning of leaves is permitted during certain times of the year in limited portions of the County

Bonfires, Campfires and Recreational/Warming Fires  

  • Are permitted under certain circumstances

NOTE: Review this information prior to conducting any bonfire or campfire.

For more information about open burning, contact the Fire Marshal's Office or call 804-748-1426.