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Fire and EMS - About Fire and Life Safety
Fire and EMS

Community Risk Reduction
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Community Risk Reduction
Fire and EMS - About Fire and Life Safety

Who is Fire and Life Safety

The Fire and Life Safety Division creates methods to reduce the number of personal injuries and fires. 

Additional Responsibilities

  • Safety education programs
  • Review construction and fire protection system plans
  • Building inspections
  • Fire Investigations


  • Prevent injuries, deaths, and property damage.
  • Maintain total estimated property loss under 5 percent of property value.
  • Maintain civilian injuries per 100 fires below five for the year.
  • Maintain the number of fires per 1,000 population below 10.
  • Maintain a comprehensive inspection program that targets high risk buildings and populations.
  • Provide accident prevention and education programs at various levels of our school system.
  • Provide technical support to emergency operations personnel by identifying and targeting priority fire hazards.
  • Present fire safety programs and information concerning cooking related fires and smoke detectors.
  • Provide quality plan review in 10 days or less for most commercial and multi-family properties.
  • Maintain Large Commercial and complex construction that requires expanded fire protection systems.

Smoke Alarm Program

  • All smoke alarms in your house should be tested once a month
  • Batteries should be replaced annually.
  • Read more from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

If smoke alarms are needed at your home, Chesterfield Fire & EMS will provide and install them at no charge. 

Please contact the Fire & Life Safety Division at 804-748-1426 or contact the Fire Marshal

Fire Sprinklers - The Future

Residential fire sprinklers will become the next life saving fire safety feature to be installed in new and existing homes. 

  • Fire sprinkler technology has evolved to a reliable and affordable method of protection.
  • Residential sprinkler systems can easily be installed in new homes and existing homes.
  • A number of communities across the nation have requirements for these systems in new homes and have seen dramatic reductions in dollar loss, injuries and deaths.

National Fire Protection Association survey indicates when smoke detectors are combined with residential sprinklers, fire death rates and property damage can be reduced by as much as 82%.

To learn more about home sprinkler systems visit The Home Sprinkler Coalition or contact the Fire Marshal.