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Fire and EMS - Fire and Life Safety

The Fire and Life Safety Division concentrates on methods to reduce the number and severity of personal injuries and fires. The division presents safety education programs, reviews construction and fire protection system plans, inspects buildings, and investigates fires. Fire and Life Safety primarily is responsible for programs and activities that promote positive life safety practices and attitudes, as well as fire-safe conditions in homes and public buildings. The objectives are preventing injuries, deaths and property damage. Commercial construction continues to include larger, more complex and multi-story buildings that require expanded fire protection features and systems. These types of structures are requiring more time to perform in-depth reviews of construction plans.


  • Maintain total estimated property loss under 5 percent of property value
  • Maintain civilian injuries per 100 fires below five for the year
  • Maintain the number of fires per 1,000 population below 10
  • Provide accident prevention and education programs at various levels of our school system
  • Provide technical support to emergency operations personnel by identifying and targeting priority fire hazards
  • Investigate all structure fires with $5,000 or more damage to determine origin and cause
  • Present fire safety programs and information concerning cooking related fires and smoke detectors
  • Provide quality plan review in 10 days or less for most commercial and multi-family properties

The Future 

Fire and Life Safety personnel will continue to concentrate on methods to reduce the number and severity of fires. The division offers a pro-active approach and broad range of resources. This effort is to meet the responsibilities set forth by the Fire Prevention Code and to enhance community awareness, thereby creating a more positive fire and life safety environment.

Fire Marshal's Office - Fire & Life Safety 

P.O. Box 40 Chesterfield,
Phone (804) 748-1426 Fax (804) 768-8766

Additional responsibilities of the Fire Marshal's Office includes the regulation of open burning, fireworks, blasting and explosive storage, propane tank exchange, and the development of future codes that address fire safety.

For information about a specific area, click on the links below:

  • Inspections - The purpose of the Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code is to provide a fire safe environment for the public. This primarily includes business offices, shopping malls, stores, restaurants, theaters and nightclubs. 
  • Investigations - Determining the cause of an accidental fire can prevent future fires by education and code development. Fires that are set intentionally constitute the crime of arson and cost millions of dollars and hundreds of lives annually in the United States. 
  • Fireworks Regulations - Chesterfield County regulations concerning the possession, sale, and use of all fireworks in the county. 
  • Blasting and Explosives - Chesterfield County regulations concerning the use, storage, and transportation of explosives and blasting agents.
  • Environmental Crimes - The intentional spilling or dumping of anything hazardous to the environment is a violation local, state, and in some cases federal laws.