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Plans Review Section
Fire and EMS

Community Risk Reduction
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Community Risk Reduction
Plans Review Section


  • Comprehensive review of all plans for
    • new construction
    • renovation of commercial buildings
    • renovation of multi-family residential buildings
  • Compliance with the fire protection/life safety provisions of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code and local ordinances. 
  • Zoning/Land Use Cases
  • Fire Suppression System Plans
  • Fire Alarm System Plans
  • Special Hazard Fire Suppression System Plans (such as range/hood fire suppression systems)


During construction this section works closely with the Department of Building Inspections to

  • Ensure compliance with the approved design and the provisions of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code performing
    • on-site inspections
    • final acceptance testing of fire protection systems (alarms, sprinklers, special hazard protection, etc.)

Fire Auxiliary Plan Review Checklists

For more information, contact Robert Jenkins or call 804-748-1426.

Fire Sprinkler System Walk-Thru Review

Your project must meet the following criteria

  • No work performed in the hydraulically remote area
  • No more than five new sprinklers added to the existing system
  • No more than 30 sprinklers relocated on the existing system
  • All plans must be "Walked Thru" by a representative of the installing contractor
    • The contractor's representative must be able to make minor changes to the plan as required for approval
  • No more than two projects may be submitted for review on one visit, unless approved by the plans review technician.

Walk-Thru Reviews Conducted

Wednesdays and Fridays
2 - 4:30 p.m.


  • The permit application first must be filed with the Department of Building Inspections.
  • Once the permit fee has been paid, and the application processed, please ask the permit clerk to return your plans.
  • Bring the plans and a copy of the permit application to the Fire and Life Safety Division for review.

NOTE: Customers will be served on a first-come, first-served basis.

For additional information, contact Bob Jenkins at 804-748-1426.