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Bumblebee Jamboree
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T. Michael Likins

Phone Numbers
(804) 751-4401
(804) 768-7576 (FAX)

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Mailing address 
Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension
P. O. Box 146
Chesterfield, VA 23832

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Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension
9501 Lori Rd.
Chesterfield, VA 23832
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Bumblebee Jamboree

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A free family event buzzing with fun at Maymont!


Bumblebee Jamboree is Greater Richmond’s premier National Pollinator Week event hosted by Chesterfield Master Gardeners and Virginia Cooperative Extension, along with other community partners tied to pollinator conservation.

Check out some of the Activities from past events:  

  • Get up close and personal to pollinators at the Virginia Butterfly safari tents
  • Play the pollinator game and help birds, bees and bats find their flower
  • Dance with Buzzy the Bumblebee in the Pollinator Parade
  • Pot up your own flower at Flower Power
  • Enjoy pollinator related crafts
  • Check out VCU’s Bug Lab table and touch real live insects!
  • Be a worker bee and build your own hive with Tricycle Gardens 
  • Deliver pollen relay race with Greater Richmond Fit4Kids 
  • Pollinator themed puppet shows from Fischer Sundae Puppets 
  • Learn the science behind pollination with Science Matters 
  • See inside a bumblebee and honey bee hive with Rockwood Beekeepers 
  • Read & listen to pollinator adventures and stories with Chesterfield County Public Library 
  • Meet Virginia Native plants that pollinators love
  • Pick up a free tree from Bartlett 
  • And a whole lot more!


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5 Pollinator Tips: What can I do to help Pollinators in my area? 

Reduce chemical misuse.

If you have an issue in your landscape, call your local extension office for free research based advice.

  • Your local extension office can help you solve common issues, insects and diseases using Integrated Pest Management
  • NOTE: always read and follow label directions before using a pesticide, just like you would with prescription medicine.   

Reduce your area of lawn grass. 

Grass lawns offer little food or shelter for most wildlife, including pollinators.

  • Replace grass with a wild meadow or prairie plants.
  • Make a perennial border with native plants.

Plants native to your area. 

Native plants are adapted to your soil type, climate, precipitation, and local pollinators!

Provide water. 

All wildlife, including pollinators, need water.

  • Some butterfly species sip water from muddy puddles to quench their thirst and get important minerals.
  • You can provide water in a birdbath or even a shallow dish placed on the ground.

Pollinator Tips 

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