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Sustainability at Home
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Chesterfield County Cooperative Extension
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Sustainability at Home


Chesterfield County has nearly 1,300 miles of streams, 124 miles of riverfront, and hundreds of acres of reservoirs, ponds and lakes. From the smallest creek to the largest lake, these water bodies contribute to the quality of life in the county.

Residents may not realize that many of their behaviors and daily activities impact these waters and those downstream in the Chesapeake Bay and are able to make a huge difference, by practicing sustainable land care practices.

How can I make a difference?

Practices such as improper fertilization, over use of pesticides and failing to protect soil can lead to algal blooms and fish kills, causing long-term problems for our waterways. Conducting proper landscape maintenance practices and maintaining a naturally vegetated buffer adjacent to lakes and streams can significantly reduce such pollution.

Sustainable Land Care Programs for Chesterfield County Residents:

Landscape for Life Program – Seminar series for homeowners interested in improving their home and garden more sustainable.

Grass Roots Program – Custom report based on site evaluation and soil test to help create beautiful and environmentally-friend lawns in Chesterfield County.

Learn Your Landscape Program – Custom report based on site evaluation to help residents learn how to maintain and enhance their landscapes.

Rain Barrel Workshops – Held in spring with Chesterfield County Engineering Department.

VCAP: Virginia Conservation Assistance Program – Cost share funding for implementation of Chesapeake Bay Friendly practices to your home.

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