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Clover Hill District News 

Clover Hill District Supervisor Art Warren congratulates firefighter Dale Fields at the board’s Sept 18 meeting. Firefighter Fields, on July 7, 2012. While off duty and launching his personal boat at the Dutch Gap Boat Landing on July 7, 2012, observed a burning boat. Without regard for his own safety and with no personal protective gear, Firefighter Fields entered the water, retrieved one victim and carried him to the shore, and returned to dive four separate times for a second victim. Unable to locate the second victim, Firefighter Fields marked the location, went back to the boat landing and briefed the responding SCUBA Rescue Team of his actions and where the victim could most likely be found. In addition, the Chesterfield Department of Fire and EMS awarded Firefighter Dale Fields with its highest level of bravery, The Department Medal of Valor, and Firefighter Fields was selected by FIREHOUSE Magazine as a 2012 Nationwide “Top 20” of Heroism Awards.

  • A Clover Hill District Meeting to discuss the proposed fiscal year 2015 budget was held on Monday, March 24, 7 p.m. – Monacan High School, 11501 Smoketree Drive.
  • Chesterfield County Administrator Jay Stegmaier presented his proposed budget to the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors on March 10. Since then, he also has presented board members with information certain board members requested staff to prepare regarding options to the proposed budget including possible service reductions. Mr. Stegmaier has not made recommendations regarding any of the subsequent reduction items. Stegmaier has indicated, as one option to a two-cent increase in the real estate rate, the ability to lengthen the implementation of school referendum projects over nine years, instead of seven. The Board of Supervisors held a public hearing on Wednesday, March 26 regarding the proposed FY2015 Budget, the proposed tax rates for 2014 and ordinance amendments related to fees associated with the proposed FY2015 Budget. Board members are expected to adopt a budget April 9 after considering the county administrator’s proposed budget, the additional information requested by board members, and input received during the public hearings.
  • Park Improvements: At Warbro Athletic Complex, improvements to fencing and infields will be completed for the softball fields this spring. The building that holds the restrooms and concessions will get a new HVAC system. At the Woodlake Athletic Complex, major renovations are nearing completion on the restroom/concession building and they will be completed this spring.
  • Road Projects: A VDOT project to construct dual right-turn lanes on Courthouse Road at Route 360 westbound is under way. A project to construct a sidewalk and install streetlights at the intersection of Genito Road, Old Hundred Road and Charter Colony Parkway is under way. Construction of the sidewalk has been completed and Dominion Virginia Power will start work on the streetlights in April. The county obtained Federal funds to construct spot widening on Route 360 between Genito Road and Warbro Road in order to complete six lanes on this section of road. Construction is expected to begin this summer. The county was successful in obtaining Bike and Pedestrian Safety funds to construct a sidewalk on Genito Road between Price Club Boulevard and Victorian Square Shopping Center. The project design is complete and right-of-way acquisition will begin this spring and construction is expected to begin late this year. Another project using Bike and Pedestrian Safety funds will construct a sidewalk on Genito Road between Tracker Drive and Stigall Drive. Construction also will begin next year. Revenue-sharing funds (50 percent state and 50 percent county funds) will be used to widen Lucks Lane from two to four lanes from Spirea Road to East Evergreen Parkway. Preliminary engineering is under way and construction is expected to begin next summer. Federal Regional Surface Transportation Program funds have been allocated toward the construction of turn lanes on Reams Road at Rosegill Road. Utility relocations are under way and construction is scheduled to begin in June.
  • The Hull Street Corridor Revitalization Plan won the 2013 APA Virginia Chapter Award in the category of Outstanding Plan. City of Richmond and Chesterfield County project staff were in attendance to receive the award on July 23 at the APA Virginia Annual Conference at the Landsdowne Resort. The City of Richmond and Chesterfield County, in partnership with the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, were awarded a 2010 Community Challenge Planning Grant to develop an inter-jurisdictional comprehensive corridor revitalization plan for a 4.7 mile stretch of Hull Street Road/Route 360, which includes a community outreach strategy. The location of the projects is in the Hicks Road and Walsmley Blvd. area of Chesterfield County to the railroad line just west of Southside Plaza in the city. Chippenham Parkway serves as both the boundary between the two jurisdictions, and the mid-point for the study area. The planning process emphasized the need for active and frequent community input in order to define a vision for the Hull Street corridor that would be responsive to the needs of both residents and businesses within and near the study area.
  • Sixteen Chesterfield County students have qualified to compete in the regional finals of the National History Bee, according to Chesterfield County Public Schools. The bee is scheduled for April 23 in Washington, D.C. Here is a list of the Clover Hill District qualifiers from Tomahawk Creek Middle School: seventh-grader Ryan Cope and eighth-graders Jack Clabough, Philip Vieira and Daniel Hall. Students who finish among the top at the regional final will compete in the National History Bee in June.