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Commercial Walk-Thru Permit Process

Chesterfield County offers a walk-thru plan review and permitting process for certain types of residential and commercial building permit applications. The intent is for applicants to obtain a permit during a single visit.

If deficiencies are found during the review process and the permit cannot be issued, the applicant receives a letter outlining the corrections needed. The walk-thru process is available to anyone whose project meets eligibility criteria.

All walk-thru projects must be connected to Chesterfield County water and sewer.

Eligible Projects for Commercial Walk-thru Permits

  • Classroom, construction or sales trailers (industrialized buildings)
  • Demolition of the entire structure (does not include partial demolition)
  • Re-roof
  • Sign
  • Tents greater than 900 square feet (without food preparation within the tent). Tents less than 900 square feet do not require permits.

How to Apply

When are walk-thru permit applications accepted?

  • Residential - Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9-11 a.m., excluding holidays
  • Commercial - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9-11 a.m., excluding holidays

The applicant must apply in person and applications are processed in the order received. Appointments are not accepted.

Where are applications accepted?

The Department of Building Inspection, 9800 Government Center Parkway, Chesterfield, VA 23832. Visit www.chesterfield.gov/bi for directions, application forms and additional information about applying for permits. The phone number for permit information is (804) 751-4990.

Who may apply for a permit?

  • Property owner
  • Licensed contractor
  • Tenant of a building or a unit
  • Owner’s agent with written permission from the owner

Submittal Requirements for Commercial Walk-thru Permits (including Townhouse)

  1. Complete permit application
  2. Three sets of construction plans; one set for signs if the sign plans are 8.5 inches x 11 inches
    Plans must include:
    1. Construction trailers – site layout plan showing the position of the trailer on the site with the distances to the property lines and other buildings noted on the site plan. No other plan pages or details are required.
    2. Sales or classroom trailers –
      1. plans from the trailer supplier that specify the trailer-building code information and design parameters, the footing layout and mounting details
      2. plans for site construction of decks, ramps and stairs serving the trailer
      3. a site-layout plan showing the position of the trailer with the distances to the property lines and other buildings noted on the site plan
    3. Re-roofing – no plans required. Note in the permit application job description on, the roofing material, colors and fire classification (A, B, C or non-classified).
    4. Tents – go to chesterfield.gov for the tent plan and design requirements or pick up a copy in the Building Inspection Department.
    5. Signs-
      1. building or tenant frontage (Frontage is the length in feet of the building or tenant space wall on which the sign will be installed.)
      2. overall area and overall height of the proposed sign(s)
      3. sign elevation plans showing location, colors, materials, type and illumination information
      4. for ground mounted signs - site layout with location of proposed sign and setbacks labeled on the plans; complete footing, foundation and structural plans
      5. landlord approval, if required
  3. Plot plans
    Plot plans must contain:
    1. Entire property, showing all property line dimensions
    2. Existing dwelling, any other existing structures and location of proposed structure. Clearly indicate all dimensions of proposed structure. 
    3. Setbacks from the closest point of the proposed structure to property lines in each direction. Label the measurements from each property line to the closest point on the structure as exactly as possible. Clearly label the name of the road.
    4. All buffers, easements or floodplains located on the property (no structure may be located in these areas).

Walk-Thru Process

  1. Application
    1. A customer-service representative reviews the permit application, processes the permit data, calculates and collects permit fees, and provides the applicant with a receipt.
    2. The applicant may wait until permit reviews are completed, which may take 30 minutes or longer.
    3. If a county department has questions concerning the application, that department contacts the applicant.
    4. If the applicant leaves the area and/or cannot answer the questions, the application is processed through the normal process.
  2. Plan Review 
    1. Plan reviewers from all applicable departments review the submitted plans and documents for code and ordinance compliance.
      1. Building Inspection – reviews the plans for building code compliance
      2. Planning – reviews the plot plan for setbacks, easements and zoning compliance
      3. Environmental Engineering – reviews the plot plan for setbacks from all easements and environmental features. View a typical sketch.
      4. Utilities – reviews the plot plan and permit application to verify there are no encroachments into water and sewer easement
    2. If plan corrections are necessary, the plan reviewer talks with the applicant to see if the plans and documents can be corrected.
    3. Incomplete plans, or plans that cannot be corrected, are not be eligible for walk-thru permits during that visit.
  3. Permit Issuance 
    1. Upon approval of all reviews, the Building Inspection Department issues the permit to the applicant, along with the plans.
    2. If corrections are required, the applicant receives a letter explaining the corrections to be made. (Incomplete plans, or plans that cannot be corrected, are not eligible for walk-thru permits during that visit.) 
    3. Once the corrections are made, the applicant may return for a walk-thru permit or go through the regular permit process.

Additional Notes

  • Approved building permit must be visible on the job site, and construction plans must be available to the county inspectors on the job site.
  • Any change from the plan or to the permit requires an amendment, revision of plan or a new permit.

Permit Fees:

All fees are paid in Building Inspection and are payable at the time of application. Checks, Cash, American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa are accepted. Checks are payable to “Treasurer, Chesterfield County.”

Fees are subject to change. Please consult the commercial fee schedule for the most current information.

Additional information

  • Building Inspection: (804) 748-1057
  • Planning: (804) 748-1050
  • Environmental Engineering: (804) 748-1035
  • Utilities: (804) 748-1271
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