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Obtaining a Permit and Design Criteria - Residential
How the Permit Review Process Works

Building permits can be reviewed using the Walk-thru process (if criteria outlined below are met), or the Regular process.

Walk-thru Permit Eligibility Criteria 

The intent of the walk-thru process is for customers with less complex construction projects to apply for and obtain an issued permit during a single visit.

  1. All walk-thru projects must be connected to Chesterfield County water and sewer; walk-thru applications for properties served by a well or septic system will not be accepted.
  2. The following types of projects are eligible for the Walk-thru process:

    Examples of Eligible Scopes of Work: 

    • Amendment to an existing permit
    • Carport
    • Conversion (e.g., deck to porch or Florida room, unfinished space to finished space)
    • Deck or accessibility ramp
    • Detached garage or shed (sheds less than 150 square feet do not require a building permit, but are required to adhere to zoning ordinance setbacks. Check with the Planning Department to obtain setback requirements.)
    • Interior renovation
    • Manufactured home in a mobile home park
    • Swimming pool, barrier and electrical (must apply for all three at the same time)

Walk-thru Review Process 

  1. Application: A customer-service representative will process the permit application and provide the applicant with a receipt. The applicant may wait until permit reviews are completed, which may take 30 minutes or longer. If the applicant leaves the area and/or does not have the required documents or information, the application will be processed through the Regular process.
  2. Plan Review: Plan reviewers from all applicable departments will review the submitted plans and documents to evaluate code and ordinance compliance:
    • Building Inspection – reviews the plans for building code compliance.  
    • Planning – reviews the plot plan for setbacks, easements and zoning compliance
    • Environmental Engineering – reviews the plot plan for setbacks from all easements and environmental features; view a typical sketch.
    • Utilities – reviews the plot plan and permit application to verify there are no encroachments into water and sewer easements
  3. If plan corrections are necessary, the plan reviewer will talk with the applicant to see if the plans and documents can be corrected. Incomplete plans, or plans that cannot be corrected, will not be eligible for permit issuance during that visit. An approved permit application proceeds to Permit Issuance.

Regular Review Process  

After the application and construction documents have been submitted:

  1. Plan reviewers from all applicable departments will review the submitted plans and documents to evaluate code and ordinance compliance:
    • Building Inspections – reviews application and plans for code compliance using the Chesterfield County Residential Plan Checklist  
    • Planning - reviews plot plan for setbacks, easements and zoning compliance
    • Utilities – reviews plot plan and application for water and sewer availability, and encroachments into water and sewer easements
    • Environmental Engineering – reviews plot plan for erosion control, drainage, and Chesapeake Bay Act, as well as setbacks from all easements and environmental features; view a typical sketch 
    • Budget Management – reviews application for proffer payments (when applicable)
    • Health (if on septic or well system)
  2. If the construction documents are approved, the process proceeds to Permit Issuance.
  3. If corrections are required:
    1. By the Building Inspection Department - the plans are placed on “hold” and the applicant is notified by telephone or email (based on the alternative selected at the time the application is submitted).
    2. By any of the other departments listed in #1 above - a letter will be mailed once the last department review has been completed.
    3. Review results are also available online. See “How to Track Permit Status Online” below.
  4. The applicant can meet with review staff to discuss outstanding issues.
  5. If necessary, the applicant takes the plans back to make the necessary changes.
  6. The applicant submits the corrected construction documents for re-review.

How to Track Permit Status Online 

To check the permit status and view any corrective comments from the Plan Reviewer online go to the Permit Status, Inspection Scheduling and Results page.  

For assistance using this page, instructions and frequently asked questions are available. You can also access these pages directly from the website main menu by choosing “Permit Status, Inspection Scheduling and Results”.

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