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Finance Director
Allan Carmody 

Budget & Management Director
Meghan Coates

Phone Numbers
(804) 748-1548
(804) 751-4988 Fax

Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Budget and Management
P.O. Box 40
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832

Street Address
Room 401, 4th Floor
9901 Lori Road
Chesterfield, Virginia 23832
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Budget and Management
Frequently Asked Questions

When does the County’s fiscal year begin and end?

Each fiscal year begins on July 1, with the prior fiscal year ending on June 30.

What is the County’s bond rating?

Triple AAA by all three rating agencies (Fitch Ratings, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s). The County has maintained a Triple AAA rating since 1997. Maintaining a Triple AAA bond rating means the County is well positioned to access the lowest available rates and competitively market Chesterfield for new business.

Where can I find the County’s Capital Improvement Program?

The Capital Improvement Program is published annually with the adopted budget.

When the does the Board of Supervisors adopt the budget?

The Board of Supervisors adopts the budget in April, as the County Charter requires the Board’s action by May 1.

When can the community participate in the budget process?

Anytime! Feedback, comments, and input are welcomed anytime during the year. The budget office can be reached via email or online at Blueprint Chesterfield . The Board of Supervisors typically hosts community meetings during the Fall and early Spring timeframe to receive feedback directly related to the proposed budget.

What is Blueprint Chesterfield?

Blueprint Chesterfield is a framework that helps to better organize longstanding county practices related to budget and strategic planning. It’s the County’s system for planning, establishing, and resourcing community priorities.

What is primary source of revenue for general county operations?

Property taxes make up nearly 60% of the revenue for general fund operations, followed by state funding around 18%, utility and other local taxes around 16%, and then the remaining 6% from departmental revenues, federal funding, and other miscellaneous revenues.

What percent of the budget goes towards schools?

The current FY2018 budget allocates 46.5% or $345,263,200 of the total general fund budget to schools.

What are the current tax rates?

The current tax rates can be found online.