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Registering as a user to Gateway Chesterfield allows you to enjoy all the rich features our site offers such as the ability to subscribe to update notifications and flag favorite information for easy retrieval.

To logon on to Chesterfield.gov, click the Login link at the top of the page (or the Login button located at the bottom left of the home page) and enter your User Name and Password. Once the logon dialog appears, click the Login button at the bottom of the logon dialog box to sign on using your Gateway Chesterfield profile. If you do not already have a profile, you can sign up by clicking on the Register link at the bottom of the main page and completing the registration details form.

After you have logged in successfully, you can click on your User Name, appearing at the top left of every page, to view and manage your profile details. Your Gateway Chesterfield profile details includes a list of favorite information you have flagged on the Chesterfield.Gov website, subscriptions you have indicated you would like to receive, and other setup information that allows us to individualize your site experience by providing you quick access to information you have marked as important so you can get the information you find most useful. After clicking this link, you will be redirected to the Chesterfield.gov profile page which will allow you to view and/or edit your membership information as well as manage your favorites, subscriptions, and other information.

If you wish to change your Gateway Chesterfield details, click the Edit Profile link on the Chesterfield.gov profile and page in the upper left hand corner and a popup dialog will appear that allows you to change your details. Click the Save button to save your changes or undo changes by clicking the Cancel button.

As a site member, you can flag your favorite information for easy access to the information on the site you find most useful. Favorites are added and removed using the Site Tools toolbar found in the upper right hand corner of every page. You can also add your favorite pages to Del.icio.us and other social media sites by clicking on the Site Tools toolbar and selecting one of the share options.

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