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Help Using Municode

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HTML and JAVA tabs: Two ways of navigating the Municode site

The HTML Table of Contents: 

The HTML table of contents shows the name of the site and the first level of documents or folders in the site.

Within the HTML table of contents, not every heading corresponds to a document. Folder nodes can contain other folders or documents. To see a document, you must expand the table of contents until you see a document icon.

For example, click a folder icon to expand it and display the folders content. When you expand a branch of the table of contents, notice how the separator line moves and you see the children (below the line) of each parent node you click.

To navigate back up in the table of contents, click one of the folder icons above the separator line.

The Java Table of Contents  

The other table of contents option is the Java table of contents. If your browser supports Java, you can switch to the Java table of contents by clicking the Java tab.

Click the plus icon to expand the headings. The Java table of contents does not have a separator line like the HTML table of contents and looks and feels very similar to Windows Explorer ®. You see the entire table of contents, which helps you to view the information in context.

Searching Municode

Searching for content on library.municode.com, basically comprises four steps:

  • Running a search
  • Viewing the list of search results
  • Selecting and viewing a document from the search results list
  • Navigating the document you selected

On library.municode.com, there are three different ways that you can run a search. All searches start by typing what you want to search for into a search form. In short, a search form is a web page that contains one or more fields where you can type words/terms on which to search. The easiest and most readily accessible search form is the Search edit box, located at the top, middle-left of the site. This search form enables you to do a simple, keyword search on the sites content.

Municode also comes with two other search forms for your use:

  • Advanced Search
  • Boolean Search

You can access these search forms using the Choose search form drop down list.

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